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about-eye-socket-barThe Tension Experience is a guided Illumination designed to prepare You for a new way to see this world. By design, those who choose this Journey can be assured that they will never be quite sure where the events will go, when they will start and stop and, often, what the true motivation behind them actually is.

The Tension Experience does not sleep, cater to the weak or simply exist to amuse You. We want to reshape your beliefs, your fears and your reality.

In order to become one of US we must know all about YOU. Further down the road, each participant will be asked to fill out a questionnaire designed to help the OOA Institute create specific, individual experiences.

Proselytize and reap the unique rewards of our serviceā€¦ those who participate and help create the community will be elevated within our ranks and blessed with new hands-on experiences.

Begin today, http://thetensionexperience.com/forums/

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