Frequently Asked Questions

The Tension Experience is a fear-based paranoia, immersive production that will require you to make a series of decisions that will dictate the evening’s outcome.  Ascension is only for Guests 18 years or older.

No.  Ascension is its own thing, following its own narrative.  Regardless of how much, or little you were involved previously, will have no impact on your experience.  


The Tension Experience: Ascension participants will traverse the narrative both as a group, and as an individual.


The entire evening will be over two hours once you enter and are checked in.


The Experience requires running, crawling, and getting dirty.  We recommend wearing a very comfortable pair of shoes.


All Participants will be required to sign a Release of Liability waiver upon entering the experience.  You must acknowledge you are at least 18 years old, and are participating in the event at your own risk.  If you elect to not sign the waiver, your event will end and the ticket will not be refunded to you.

The address will be sent to you one week before your scheduled time.  There will be instructions included on where to park.

Tension will blur the lines between reality and fiction. We will use actors, emails, phone calls, live video streams, in person events, and just about every other avenue to get inside your head.

At any time you wish to end your experience with us please email  Upon your request all information will be deleted from our servers, and your Participation will immediately come to an end.  

Glory Be


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