• ReidV posted an update 7 years, 4 months ago


    Give me a second to collect my thoughts then we’ll begin.

    • some long seconds there… your kinda slacking, cough cough.

      • I would hope we can continue to not put pressure on people when they have something to share. We’ve been good about it so far. Sometimes people need time.

    • Take your time!

    • Cody… you have the subtlety of a brick, and your suspicions are misguided. I said I’d share this with everyone, so trust me.

      • I never doubted your intentions to share with the community Max.
        I know how it is when everyone is chomping at the bit but life has other plans. Trust me I know. haha.
        I was making another point. Perhaps misguided, who am I to say either way. No body knows except those that know. haha.

    • No rush, I hope it was amazing

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