• Daela posted an update 7 years, 8 months ago

    I was briefly reunited with Talia today. I remember her kindness to me when I expressed curiosity about the OOA. Perhaps the day will come when I can return that kindness.

    • @daela: I love this! Talia made a very positive impression on me at my first OOA event. She was warm, kind and genuine. I remember telling her my hands were cold due to standing on the street corner as the wind was picking up. She gently took my hands and rubbed them between hers to warm them. At that time her title was “Attendant II.” I really hope she is happy and being treated well by her superiors.

    • We saw each other at Midsummer Scream. She was wearing the green dress she wore at the “hooded” event. I was hurrying elsewhere but we greeted each other warmly.

    • Wow!

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