• Kimberly @ElectricHippo posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    I received word that my primary BoS contact, James, has gone missing or worse. My only clue is it may have had something to do with a fellow named Warren who is or was OOA affiliated. I don’t expect to find much sympathy for BoS, although some of yours have gone missing lately as well… Aleister, Overseer. I’m sure you miss them and worry for them as I do James.

    • Did @addisonborn @endlesspictures @coryphella get the name of the man they met in the bar? Could that be Warren?

      • Warren met with someone within the last week, although BoS never told me who. If James has been taken or harmed, I didn’t get the impression that Warren is the one who did it, just that he is somehow involved. It’s all so vague.

    • No matter how opposed the OOA and BoS are, if we’re both losing people to a third party then this may be a case of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

    • We all seem to be loosing people as this is going on… I truly hope you the best in your search for your lost brother as I’m sure you do for our search. However, also to be said: warren does sound kind of familiar… Not sure if I’m just tripping but idk, rings some kind of bells.

    • So we got BOS mixed with Warren, Warren was sent by aleister, BOS has been eyeing aleister as one of the members not really wanting to be the OOA. Hmmmmm, so I wonder what the connection was for BOS to warren… Maybe they helped him out all those years ago? Aleister came back into contact with warren? Aleister knew BOS was eyeing him to get him out and thought he wouldn’t have much time to use the resources the OOA have given him, so he used them one last time to send out warren and his warning messages to the three who were chosen? After that and the 3 call out, he dipped out? Maybe what happened to James is what happened to aleister and they are together at the moment?

      • I don’t feel confident speculating on all that, but it would be a semi-comforting thing if James was with Aleister. Perhaps they could help each other if in peril. BoS never spoke ill of Aleister to me. Actually it has been quite to the contrary.

        • I was honestly just spit balling, but from what I can see, it seems like everyone truly liked aleister, and he seemed to be only trying to help us :/

    • This is why we need to start an MIA record, where we can keep track of all the people who have disappeared.

    • Was it James Eddison? Going through the list of names, he was called out by Sentinel on Facebook when they hacked the Tension page

      • I asked him if his surname was Luther (from the newsletter) or Eddison (from the hack reveal). He said no to both. It does make me wonder about Sarah Farber though. She was also revealed during the hack, but we’ve not heard that name again as far as I’m aware. And the other hack name of Ellis… some of us do know more about him.

        • You know what, then again, I’m not sure James completely discounted Eddison as his name. Sometimes people we meet around here aren’t exactly crystal clear in their explanations. That said, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for my James to be named as an OOA insider during the hack, does it?

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