• Kimberly @ElectricHippo posted an update 3 years ago

    “There are some within OOA who are good people lead astray, even one Gatekeeper. 
But, there are those in power who have polluted a once important and great thing. 
WE WILL END THEIR rule and crumble the virus they instilled.” -James, BoS

    • Very interesting…wait a min. “There are those in power who have polluted a once important and great thing.” What does that mean? What is James referencing? If he’s talking about the OOA, at what point did something happen that caused James and others to separate from the OOA and form the BoS?

      • Cody replied 3 years ago

        good question mustafa. BTW, I’ll be posting my pic after work. haha. I thought I was off the hook on that one. lol

      • I wish I had a more complete answer to your question. I’ve only received bits and pieces of the story. For example: March 8, 1994 is a date symbolizing “the death of an idea… but it goes back much farther than this.”

        • Interesting, I want to guess the gatekeeper is 5? 4 seems too eager to get back into the OOA get it back to how it was running before 3 (which was still helmet using and Addison stealing) and I don’t think 3 is it as he’s attempted to get rid of aleister before he dipped (and we know BOS had a soft spot for him). I don’t believe it’s one we haven’t met before… Hmmmmm idkkkkkk

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