• Kimberly @ElectricHippo posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    I’ve just returned from a very productive evening with my Overseer. Yes, MY, Overseer. As her “right hand” I will now be standing by her side as her supporter, collaborator, and protector. I understand there will be questions, but it is late and I am sleepy… Good night, and Glory Be.

    • There are questions, indeed! In the meantime: congratulations, @electrichippo. I look forward to learning more.

    • Well isn’t this a 180 degree turn…

    • I trust you know what you’re doing. Good luck and… congratulations.

    • Oh my.

    • I think Hell just froze over.

      • It did, Andrew.

        It did freeze over.

        @electrichippo, what are you doing? You were Sentinel’s right hand for months. You were his first supporter and his most trusted confidant.

        Even if The Overseer herself allowed this, why should anyone who stands alongside the path of Anoch and the Oracles trust you after everything you’ve done since all this began?

        You deserve the same scrutiny Buz got when he tried to claim he was on the side of the BOS.

        • If I get the chance, I am asking Addison about this tonight.

          • Please do, Andrew. We need clarity on this issue. And since the Overseer doesn’t seem to be on the forums, we’re going to have to find another way to obtain this information.

        • @mumumusings you say after everything she’s done like she’s done something wrong. She never hurt anyone, and she just wanted to look out for Addison. If I was the Overseer I’d be happy to have @electrichippo on my side. She’s been truthful, fair and open. What more could you want from someone standing by your side?

          • For me personally, it’s the matter of her having stood with Sentinel and the BOS, who have wanted only one thing: to tear the OOA apart. After spending so much time standing alongside the BOS, I can’t just take this at face-value. I can’t help and be suspicious of this.

            She was the first to denounce the OOA. She was the most steadfast against it. So why the switch? Why stand alongside the Overseer now and not in any other previous situation?

            If there’s one thing I do believe it’s that @electrichippo is a person of action, not words. We’ll see what actions she takes soon enough. I hope to be proven wrong-I’d love to be. But this isn’t something I’m just going to accept wholeheartedly. I’m going to wait and see but I’m skeptical of all this.

            • She’s never given me a reason to doubt her reasons. She didn’t pick a side and plan to tear down the OOA, she knew she had friends there. I wholeheartedly accept her new position because I trust her. She’s never given me a reason not to, even when she stood with Sentinel. Her choices need no explanation for me. ❤️

    • Bullshit.

    • I was a witness to this and quite surprised. I was also asked to join, but declined. Upon my second visit, I’ve decided that their methods are unsound. I’m not sure why they let me leave. Maybe the quiet dissent in the ranks protected me.

    • Kim. What the fuck. I don’t know what you were told or what you think you saw, but remember. OOA are manipulative, predatory, bad people.

      • I consider myself to be none of those things and I stand with the OOA. :)

      • @addisonborn: Haven’t we always known there was good left within the walls of The OOA? I don’t think either of us could ever deny that people like @mumumusings have always had pure and honest intentions. Oftentimes things are not black and white. I would appeal to you to please try looking at all those vast gray areas before you jump to a conclusion that shuts a door between us. Regardless, of this recent turn of events, I still view you as a brother and a friend.

    • When I looked into the eyes of the Overseer that night, I didn’t see someone who had been manipulated. I saw someone who has reached a level of certainty and enlightenment people have killed for. I believe in her and what she can teach us all. Glory be @electrichippo!

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