• Michelle posted an update 7 years, 5 months ago

    I’m feeling a bit deflated. I try to stay active on the boards. I repost, comment, and like on FB (except now for some reason I can only access Tension’s page on my computer). I’ve been to a mixer and was so grateful for being invited because I got to meet so many of you. But, not one phone and all these people who are new and not participating get contacted now!?! I’m just venting because it’s frustrating. It’s awesome others are but I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    • Ah… I’d bet that everyone in Tension went through this once or twice. One of the first things to realize is that calls and direct contact isn’t a “reward” for being active or anything, sometimes random nobodies get calls when you deserve it more. That’s not Tension saying that you aren’t worth it, they’re working on a plan that is WAY more complicated than “More activity = more calls”.

      You’re absolutely becoming one of the more valuable people in the community. We all appreciate you. And I’m certain that for big stuff, like the next equivalent of a mixer you’ll be there. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

      I post all the damn time and I’ve only ever gotten 2 calls that weren’t invites. Don’t stress

    • Going off my stage for a second and giving the “if I was a game-runner” take: Tension is probably trying to pay attention to the people who came on, got overwhelmed and stopped participating. This is going all the way until the Fall so have patience and enjoy the community. :)

      And if it makes you feel any better I haven’t had any activity since Aleister posted on FB that “he can’t say no more”. And shit, I’m a Sentry!

    • I can completely understand this as well. I go through that about once a week, lol. I haven’t had any interaction at all. But I keep coming back because of your and all the other people’s interactionsand the community here.

    • Patience and trust is all the advice I can give you. Remember, you were invited to an actual event, so you’re on their radar. People getting phone calls haven’t been as active and quite a few are out of state. You’ll drive yourself nuts if you compare your experience to everyone else’s :)

    • I can understand what it’s like but don’t fret. The OOA, I believe, is more invested in the long game. Just because you’re not getting calls doesn’t mean you’re losing out on anything. @mike said it best: You went to an actual event so you’re on their radar. Just keep doing what you do and eventually, you’ll get that call….or something even better.

      Hell, I live no where near L.A. And I don’t see myself being able to head out there anytime soon. Plus I’ve never gotten a call but I’m still trucking along. Keep your head up high and keep participating-I believe the OOA has a plan for all of us, even you and it’s only a matter of time until your role in that plan manifests itself.

    • ^ Everyone else said it. Also, especially as things start ramping up, staying active and contributing is going to lead to more interactions than venting frustration, which is starting to have the opposite effect for people. The games are just getting started, this is still the part of the show where the usher is selling ice creams and leading people to their seats.. and like you said, you went to a mixer, so you are definitely “on the radar”, so to speak. <3

    • And if it helps at all, I don’t often post on the forum, I read it as much as I can (I’m not supposed to, I have a concussion), but I’ve been reassured that they know of my presence and that my time will come, to be patient, that there is a plan for everyone :)

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