• Michelle posted an update 7 years, 8 months ago

    I went through Ascension for the second time last night. My mind was completely blown (again). My side has been chosen and I am a member of the OOA. My allegiance is to the OOA and the Overseer. Glory Be! (@electrichippo … if it still matters, you may place my name on a side now).

    • @halfbloodfangirl: Yeah, I’m not sure, but I will make a note of it. So glad you and your guest had a great time. It seems they’ve really upped their game even higher since our first Ascensions. I’m re-attending next weekend with my own special guest. I’m very excited!

      • @electrichippo After my time spent with The Overseer and being welcomed into the OOA, I believe it matters. I look forward to hearing how your experience goes.

        To say they upped their game is an understatement. Jake O and I were blown away by what happened last night. Subtle hints of what was to come, new insights to characters. Not to mention, I fell in love with Simon;) We had a few moments and I was swooning.

        • Whoa… thanks for these updates @halfbloodfangirl. Really excited to see how Ascension has evolved/changed. Waiting until the week after next for my second trip suddenly seems like an even longer wait that it did before.

    • I have to make it happen and go back. I haven’t exactly figured it out but you guys are making it impossible to not go a second time.

      • @amieexists I’m so greedy. I want to go back again. If I could, I’d fucking live there with the attendants. 😉 lol I’m not sure if it’s going to be possible or not but if they extend it into Nov., I’ll definitely go a third time. I hope you get to go again.

    • And Overseer!!

    • Very excited! Just booked another ticket for Sunday!

      • @kasch You will not be disappointed. Jake and I were speechless throughout. Every step we took was different. There were moments that Jake and I were like kids in a candy store with these wide ass grins on our faces. It was one thing after another.

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