• Andrew Kasch posted an update 7 years ago

    I have no idea who I can trust anymore.

    • Can you still hold onto your trust of @masterlock and the OOA?

    • This… 1000 times this. I think we need to trust in the community we’ve built.

    • Liv replied 7 years ago

      I was led to believe that I can only trust myself…and even that is iffy

    • You can trust me. I’m “harmless”

    • Trust in the alliances you’ve built, but prepare yourself for their failure. None are immutable.

    • Izryn replied 7 years ago

      I’m new, but have been following the goings-on since the forums opened. Trust is a tricky beast. If you trust someone blindly, you are blind to any betrayal of that trust until it’s too late. To trust someone, you have to doubt them, question their motives, and take a good look at what makes them tick. Trust is when they come through in spite of all that.

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