• Ezi posted an update 7 years, 5 months ago

    The airport I’ll be flying through in less than 2 months just got attacked by terrorists. I am seriously a bit scared of my trip home now.

    • Yes, I have a 9 hour layover there. It’s horrible what has happened. They specifically seem to have attacked the international terminal.

      • I just hate all the hate that is in the world, maybe I’m too naive, but I feel for all the people affected by this. and wish people could get along. People already die from random accidents, which is bad enough. My cousin passed away 2 days ago after driving into an elephant. There is no need for people to be killing each other.

        • I’m really sorry miss. I know this is no consolation, but you were not there during the attack, and your passage home is likely to be well guarded, and safe. We’ll all be thinking of you, please check in and let us know you get there safely.

      • Thanks guys. It’s just been a rough few days and it hurts me to see other people suffer.

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