• Mary Pavlovsky posted an update 7 years, 4 months ago

    @Mike, what’s up with Immersive X? They are suspicious to me. It’s like a fake out trying to get tickets. They also lied about the Master (AM) being involved.

    • I’m not sure. They were being shady last haunt season and didn’t follow through on anything they said and then blamed it on us for not promoting enough or something. Ridiculous. So I’m not going to buy tickets until there’s some sort of concrete date that doesn’t move and doesn’t have excuses :/ . I had heard that AM was involved at one point but maybe the guy running it got too excited too fast before any commitments were made #hauntdrama #hrama? Haha

      • That guy behind Immersive X was just heavily promoting his own one-man show recently. I am with @mike about last year… big promises and then no delivery of anything. My understanding was that AM was maybe “consulting” a bit and nothing more, but I do not recall where I heard that.

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