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    Here is a list of the books:
    -20,000 Words-Third Edition
    -Mental Efficiency
    -Beyond Time-Marston Johns
    -Abundant Living-E Stanley Jones
    -Compend of Diseases of the Skin-Schamberg 9th ed.
    -Blondes and Brunets


    -Old McDonald’s Favorites
    -Health Healthful Sleep Guided Imagery
    -Lyric Language Spanish/English
    -Hop on Pop Dr. Seuss

    Items on Table:

    -View Master
    -Binoculars (antique pocket opera classes I think)
    -Oil Lamp
    -Mandolin/zither (antique)
    -Bowl of candy (half candy corn half red and green jelly drops)

    Susie and I found a stainless steel spoon (the very type I used to speedball with in every single bathroom I ever visited) standing on its end on top of the light switch in the restroom, perhaps it’s only significance is for me?

    My name tag is signed in platinum with the number 4. The angry photographer crossed our names out in the middle of my conversation with Ben. She told us to wipe those smiles off our faces and that we did not know what was in store for us…she had been working with the OOA for 10 years and hadn’t moved up at all.

    I deeply apologize to the group for my emotional outburst. I scarcely heard Mikes wonderful speech because of what was whispered to me by Mr. Beige Suit. He was not unkind at all. Susie was correct in that he was being compassionate when he merely asked me “Do you need help right now.” It was in direct reference to both my questionnaire and the interrogation of 4/30. That precise moment forced me to face a very ugly truth about myself (I have an eating disorder). And yes people…I do need help right now. Thank you all for listening and I hope you can consider me part of this deep, wonderful pool of fascinating personalities. With respect and esteem. Mary

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