• Allison posted an update 7 years, 3 months ago

    Because my forum will not let me post anywhere but here, I have an even update from 5/28.

    Before this event I was sent an email with an address and a time of 2pm in which to be on 5/28. An hour before I was to be at this location I received a phone call, not from the normal Tension phone number, but from a Culver City number, telling me the location has been changed.
    I went to the new location and was told I was to wait until we were all there. Once there I saw Norman and Russell and immediately received a phone call asking if we were all there.
    I said I did not know and he asked if there were 3 people with me, I said no. Lastly, Danielle showed up, at which time a black SUV with black tinted windows pulled up and had us all get in.
    Russell received a phone call making sure we were on our way and we arrived at a hotel where Russell received a letter, and all of us but Russell had to leave our phones behind. It was at that point we knew that we were in fact not with the OOA, but actually with the Brothers of Seriph. We were given our room key and went upstairs to room 227. The room had obviously been lived in, there was a suitcase with clothes in it, as well as a gun, books surrounding the room on subject matters of the occult, and photos, particularly a framed photo of a couple. We received a phone call telling us to go out on the back porch. On the back porch we met a security guard named Joseph who explained to us the importance of keeping this a private matter, checked us for cell phones, and then brought up the couple. The same couple who happened to be in the photograph in the hotel room. The couple appeared very shaken and afraid, afraid to be seen. The man’s name was Tom, his wife’s name, Margaret, although one had a wedding ring on, the other did not. Tom was very angry and animated, while Margaret was emotional and tearful. The couple produced a photo of their daughter, who they have not heard from since she has joined an organization. Their daughter’s name is Addison. They reported that Addison joined this group and would spend all of her time working in groups solving puzzles, moving up levels, that she would call and no longer sound like herself. She would refer to this group as the OOA. She also told them about a special helmet they would wear, and that is when she really stopped sounding like herself, and about the time her parents completely stopped hearing from her. Tom and Margaret begged for our help to find their daughter, then briefly rushed off, as they felt they were not safe.
    As we were getting our cell phones, Tom reached out to Russell and gave him a stuffed animal of Addison’s.
    Later that evening I was contacted by the Sentinel Being via Facebook telling me that they had hijacked us from the OOA. They said that they hoped I saw the errors of the OOA ways, that they had picked me, and that the OOA were a temple of liars. After sticking with the OOA they decided to cease all communication with me.

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