• Neil King posted an update 7 years, 10 months ago

    So many of you got phone calls with in game characters helping you switch your dates, right? Well thank goodness my date got switched, but it was through a very informal email and I am still awaiting confirmation and time… :(

    • My call was very much in game. That’s a bummer yours wasn’t. Maybe the confirmation will be.

      @coryphella… I’m guessing your time and date didn’t change. I wonder if they have been keeping an eye on who will be travelling and avoiding changing those participants. It’s easier to change someone locally. The day I got my call was the day they posted that people would be receiving phones calls. I missed the first call; and, then, they called nearly the same time the next day. I’m guessing you’re good about not having to deal with a time/date change. :)

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