• Sadako posted an update 7 years, 8 months ago

    I entered the OOA with my faith wavering… And then I witnessed it… Ascension… TRUE Ascension! The Overseer needed faith as much as I did… and she found a new Oracle to guide her through the coming storm… My faith in her and Anoch now is completely pure and unwavering… Glory Be!!!

    • Do you know the name of this Oracle? Was it someone we’ve seen before?

      • I believe her name was Trina… Most of my evening was marred in smoke and mirrors due to the the OSDM… But my bearing witness of the the new Oracle was pure… Glory be to all of us @kasch!

      • From what I hear, the Oracle was Trin. @thebuz and the rest of the 8pm group met her on opening night. In the Red Room she did tell us that she hides behind a mask…

    • Addison thank you so much for seeing me on Friday. I feel so lucky to have had this time with you and to attempt an understanding of this phenomenon from your perspective. I do regret that I have missed so much including the biggest miracle of all…the true Ascension. But it troubles me more that I have been a complice to harm of another. The choice was, in my heart, for the greater good. I spoke with Trin and in my own ignorance shared too much with her and she with me. May Anoch forgive me.

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