• Cody posted an update 6 years, 8 months ago

    All of the talk of what the OOA has done for us… What have they done? Without the OOA there wouldn’t be any of this, without the OOA there wouldn’t even be such a thing as a “detractor”, a “BOS”, these forums where we have all been brought together.
    I’d say we owe the OOA at least this.
    Even those whom are now calling the OOA a “sinister cult”, owe theory current situation to the OOA.
    What has the BOS done?
    Threatened to burn this all to the ground.
    Made accusations without any form of evidence and has now collided with an openly sadistic murderer.
    @thebuz, you seem so sure now. You say you have not been privy to any alternate information?

    • I think you may be confusing the OOA with the tension experience. They created the forums, not the OOA. The tension experience includes both the OOA and BOS.

      • Well perhaps that is the perception now… when I first joined these forums.. they were exclusively OOA and I believe this could be evidenced by the editing of detractor/ BOS posts as well as BOS attacking the tension experience page.. or has all of that been forgotten suddenly?

        • I agree they were OOA, but that doesn’t mean everyone on the forums was or is OOA. I was never convinced and still am not convinced that the OOA is a good, enlightened entity

    • You are correct, Cody. Without the OOA none of this would have happened.

    • No extra knowledge my friend. Just a better outlook on life in general. And a change for the better for me.

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