• Cody posted an update 7 years, 4 months ago

    I can’t quite remember… who released the list of people that were takin care of? Who’s list was it again? Anyone?

    • What? Taken care of?

    • I don’t quite follow?

      • @nosnevets and I were having a discussion yesterday about The OOA and BOS. In this discussion @nosnevets mentioned a list of names of individuals that were takin care of or off’d (or as much was alluded to ) and I do remember the list but we seem to remember it coming from opposite sides.
        I truly can’t recall if it was a clip from a video or how it came to be released at all for that matter. It does stand out in my memory however and remember it being a list of the OOA’S. he remembers it being of the BOS.

        • no dice on the unofficial timeline search.

        • Ahh, I don’t recall a list, but might have missed it. I somewhat remember III I think mentioning a few different people in one of his posts and there is the reddit list, but that’s not of “offed” people.

    • yeah. I think that’s what I confused. Maybe there was never a list. My memory can be cloudy at times. Haha.

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