• Vox Chaotica posted an update 6 years ago

    What I am creating is a visual novel, for any who are curious as to what my creative pursuits are. I wish to learn from the intricacies of The Tension Experience and *how* they tailor said experience to the user, as I would very much like to do the same with my own project and its readers. This will involve a metric shit ton of writing, artwork, and animation, but as a passion project I am more than willing to put forth the effort required. Ideally, I would like to have a series of closed-door conversations with DLB and the rest of the creative heads – but, as I have mentioned previously, you can consider me “immobile” for all intents and purposes. As such, I am perfectly content with reading individual accounts of the experience itself, and creating a personal map of “branching points” that I can use for a bit of makeshift reverse engineering for the sole purpose of learning – such a hypothetical map will never see the light of day outside of my own personal use.

    Believe me when I say that everything that has been said to me, in private, has stayed private – as I have no intention of ruining the story and experience for anyone else. For those who are a bit more cautious in sharing their experience(s) with me, I am absolutely willing to provide methods outside of this website to verify my identity as who I say I am. Unfortunately, quite a few people who have contacted me have ceased all activity site-wide on the same day that I respond to their reaching out. I am still confused about this as well, but I thought it would be worth mentioning – I want to be as clear and open about my intentions as possible, as I truly believe in “The Tension Experience” to be absolutely life-changing in its scope.

    • Much though I love and support the creation of any fan project for the Experience, you may want to get in contact first with The Powers That Be before sinking too much time into any large scale production. Due to its infancy, The Powers That Be may want first dibs and final say on creation of any sort of media relating to the Experience.

      Which is not to say that this isn’t a great idea, but it may be prudent to get in contact with them before proceeding rather than after and running the risk of being shut down.

      • Alright, I shall start there – how may I get into contact with them? Better to speak with someone than not at all, and if it turns out this will go nowhere, then that’s just life. I’m not short on ideas in the slightest. I appreciate your suggestion, and certainly hope this all goes smoothly.

        • Certainly, I know that they’re most often available through their email at and on their Facebook account. Those are the two avenues that people have most luck when trying to get ahold of them.

          Both understandably take a little bit to respond, as they’re busy with Ascension, but those are the best bets, I’d say

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