• Sean (@TheGilded) posted an update 3 years ago

    The WordPress transition probably means some good things, kiddos. The first splash-page was set up in Squarespace, which is great for getting something simple up real quick, but not great for something in depth. This new page is set up in WordPress. So they’re switching engines to something that’ll allow for more power. That’s good. Problem is, you can’t unplug one and plug in the other real easy, you have to have a development/deployment period where WordPress looks jacked. That’s where we’re at right now.

    Just means we’re gonna get something good when they’re ready to put it up.

    • It’s up.

      • It’s up-ish.
        But with all the social media info and email sign up missing, which means it was a hastily applied splash page. So one of 2 things. There’s something brewing and going up very soon, or their web designer dun fuked up and they needed to throw a splash page back up in a hurry. Either way, chaaaaange. Feed us, daddies.

        …Ah man, I grossed myself out. :/

        • I don’t think this is a real splash page, this is a WordPress plugin that redirects traffic from “under construction” or “hidden” sites to this one. This feels like something that’s going to be in use for a larger site, one that is going to grow and have things to hide. This feels like what’s going to allow them to upload sites like but keep us from seeing them until we or they are ready.

          My theory is that this is more than just excitement gathering or a web designer’s mistake, but the first step towards the next site we’re going to spend however-long frantically hitting the f5 button for

    • This makes me want to do the humpty dance!

    • Izryn replied 3 years ago

      But it’s technically not Feb. 14 yet, right? For the PST time zone at least. I know I’ll be hitting that refresh button when the clock hits midnight 😀

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