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Not even an hour minutes ago, I vented a bit about not having received a call from the OOA yet. Of course, a few of you jumped to give me words of comfort and advice. @thegilded, @coryphella, @mkarrett, @lenize, and @mike You all are awesome. Thank you so much. When people immediately gather around you and offer support, that is what this is about right? Community. You all make this worth it and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Well…. Literally a few minutes after I posted that vent, I got a phone call at 2:47 from someone in the OOA.

It was a man, he spoke pretty fast. He said he saw what I had posted on the boards. He assured me that they weren’t ignoring me but that they were trying to protect me. He went on to say that that I have no idea how horrible it is there, how horrible “he” is… “It’s so fucked up right now.” He mentioned this other “he” a few times in a negative way. “He’s so horrible.” I think there was even “you don’t know what he’s capable of.” Sorry, I was trying to listen and write everything down. I asked who is “he?” He told me he can’t tell me and couldn’t talk anymore then hung up before I could say or ask anything else.

So, the question now is… Who is he? Gatekeeper 3? Someone else? Someone we don’t know?

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