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    _Michael Gray

    So as I posted earlier, I thought Addison had called me. Now, I’m not so sure who it was on the phone. I have been working nights this week and in my waking up from a deep sleep to answer my phone, it was a no caller ID, I couldn’t really hear what was said except for something about email. After that, a mysterious email arrives from a “friend”.

    This is the email that I received:

    “i will not contact you again.

    attached is one, i have many.

    show me your power.

    A friend.”

    And I also received a picture of a forwarded email pertaining to @gatekeeper2 and her whereabouts. That these people also knows she has the Book of Anoch and are trying find her and the book. Other very interesting bits are in there but I won’t spoil it, take a read and find out the other truth bombs about what is going down within the OOA.

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    I wonder who the Clockmakers are.

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    Very cool @kingkill33!

    Questions and comments:
    -Did the email come from an email we’ve seen before?
    -The time stamp is CET (Central European time) and was sent 1:59PM PST
    -Nearby homes were “secured” and “purified” as well? What does that mean?
    -What does “True Believer” mean and what do they believe? Shouldn’t that be the what the OOA wants? True Believers?
    -She can bring The One sooner than ready? We saw what happeened when another Gatekeeper came too early. Yikes.
    -One might be talking through her. So it’s not Addison and not even Two anymore?
    -What else can she reveal?
    -They bring up the boards turning against her and losing more members to “them”…So they do care about people leaving?
    -New electronic means of communication? What else is there?

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    “this must be rectified before eradication is no longer an option.”


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    _Michael Gray

    @mike… The email came from a Emmie White. That name doesn’t ring a bell, does it with anyone else?

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    Addison Born

    Huh… sounds like the OOA’s gonna kill another one of their gatekeepers?

    And maybe the OOA isn’t what they seem? Haven’t we heard that before?

    @sovereignskies hook me up with your tinfoil haberdasher?

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      Just the tinfoil? Or are you after a mylar tailor as well?

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    You’re right @addisonborn. And it seems that @gatekeeper2 is trying her hardest to spread the Word before the OSDM catches up with her and puts an end to this. I have to respect that. Not saying I fully and completely support her (still really questioning the whole “I killed ~four, I saved so many”) but she has my attention. The OSDM really gives me creepy vibes…

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    Mustafa Said

    “It is our recommendation that that we all find new and alternative forms of electronic communication going forward.”

    Mathew, I’m not the smartest tool in the shed by any real means when it comes to security and stuff But I knew a guy who was…..for the sake of secrecy, let’s just say he was rather ‘well-connected’ in the world of secret intelligence, espionage and the like.(He sadly passed away last year. Never met him im person but we traded stories over communication channels. He was a wonderful guy with a rich history in a certain country’s government).

    Though he never himself said a single word on these tactics I’m going to share here, he loved to leave behind little pieces of info that I picked up eagerly(and with the help/explaination of a friend who also has…unique connections of his own,) could understand.

    Now, remember that bolded word-electronic?

    We live in the digital age. We cannot escape the digital infosphere. Sometimes, the best way to engage the grid….is to shut it down. Go off grid, so to speak. Mask yourself.

    Basically, change the way you communicate.

    Telephone communication should be limited to land-lines. If you want extra security, implement esoteric coding into your conversations.

    Verbal messages should be exchanged in an environment where they would be difficult to monitor. Utilize a unique verbal coding system(some series of sentences or special code words that can be easily slipped into a conversation but only the recipient would know).

    Documents, I’d recommend, should be created offline using old-school handwriting or maybe a typewriter.

    Welp, there you go. A possible answer to that last statement.

    Good luck.

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    I’ve said it before but ill reiterate: 2 and Addison need our help now more than ever… we are so close to reaching the light.

    Those who turned to BoS… are you playing into O.D.S.M’s hands? Do you know who you work for?

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      This does remind me of a phone call I received on June 4. The voice on the phone said, “Lauren. Do not trust Sentinel. They are not who they say they are. Do you understand?”

      I reported this on the forum, but what I didn’t report was what the voice said next: “This is your final warning. Sentinel is a trap.”

      Personally, this doesn’t change anything for me. My allegiance still lies with BoS: I joined their side with my eyes open.

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      Sounds as though you seem to know. Why don’t you enlighten us max?

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      @atticus360: We have always had one solitary goal. If other entities’ goals overlap, all the better.

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    Why does everything have to be so difficult? God almighty.

    Also, Voldemort is rising orrrrrr…?

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    _Michael Gray

    Im pretty sure it’s the return email adresses for Mathew Bayer and the Clockmakers. Do you think you can work your magic @mkarrett and see if you can decipher what’s written under the blacked out address’s?

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      I haven’t seen your file but it looks like it was edited digitally ala Microsoft paint so there’s no contrast to enhance. If I had the original document then I could help.

      Sorry friend. :(

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      _Michael Gray

      Ok, no worries. Thank you @mkarrett!

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      Actually, can you forward me your email that contains the jpg?

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      _Michael Gray

      I will… :)

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    _Michael Gray

    Some comments and questions that I have after digesting this email I received today.

    ~I have been unsure where Addison’s loyaties lie, but I think this email clarifies things. She seems to have gone rogue and not working within the OOA parameters. It seems that the OOA is hunting her down to get the Book of Anoch back and because she is growing too strong and the ONE is talking through her. I have wondered where Addison stood as @gatekeeper2 within the OOA structure, and now I believe that question is answered.
    ~Who is Mathew Bayer? Have we heard of that last name before, Bayer?
    ~”More members are leaving as planned.” So is BoS just a unknowingly off shoot of the OOA and both are trying to achieve the same goal with two different mission statements?
    ~If the OOA is trying to keep Anoch’s words secret, I ask why? If the point of being recruited by the OOA was to find “enlightenment”, but the proof of this email is opposite from what we’ve been told from the OOA, why are they trying to keep a Gatekeeper from spreading the word?
    ~”This must be rectified before eradication is no longer an option.” Is this the OOA admitting they are actively trying to kill Addison? Seems to me that this is opposite from what I believed the OOA stood for. I can get behind killing others to further the “master plan”, but to kill one of your own? That’s just deep on so many levels, and the motivation behind such a choice is very heavy.
    ~From what I have read from this email, it’s definitely hard to be associated with the OOA and it’s plans. I feel like what Addison – @gatekeeper2 is trying to do, is more in line with why I pleged my allegiance to the OOA. Now I’m not so sure who I should be standing with. I’m certainly open to listening to what @gatekeeper2 has to say and possibly severing ties with the OOA. It’s a possibility that I’m toying with, but I need to understand more of what the goal is before I jump ship.
    ~What is a “True Believer” compared to any other person within the OOA? Does this mean that she is more in touch with Anoch than anyone else? Is being a “true believer” a bad thing and something the OOA does not want?

    So much information in this email, and so many more questions…

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    Thank you for sharing this @kingkill33

    ”This must be rectified before eradication is no longer an option.”
    “is it HE who begins to talk through her?”

    Maybe I am reading too much into this, but this sounds like fear. The fear of the choices @gatekeeper2 is making and over something coming soon? Not sure. If the plan is to eliminate @gatekeeper2 because of what she will unleash, it speaks to the growing power she has and why some feel so threatened by her.

    To me, this indicates that whatever is ahead will be much more powerful and much darker than any of us have even guessed at.
    If they are afraid… how afraid should we be?

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    Thank you for sharing this @kingkill33. This has definitely made me question what’s behind a lot of things going on. If @gatekeeper2 has turned into a true believer than I would like to know what that means and what helped her arrive to this place. I offer my assistance to her and hope she can stay clear of whoever is after her. All I’ve wanted is to learn more and it seems to me both sides are trying to hide a lot, as well as possibly working together to hide it? I hope we can learn much more in the days and weeks to come leading to Ascension and @gatekeeper2 can stay safe.

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