A Revelation after Visit 2, & Public Apology to the Overseer

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    I went through on my second trip tonight, and it was, to say the least, staggering for me.

    I fully admit that going into tonight I was all convinced that I had to save Addison. That I wanted to “play the game” more fully, and that the OOA was all a sham. I even had delusions of grandeur of “bringing the whole organization down.” Somehow.

    But I also didn’t fully understand what I felt about the OOA, or Anoch, or what was really going on. I’d heard rumblings about the ODSM and Samson but I didn’t know much about him/it. All I knew was that the BOS was too intense an approach for my liking. There had to be a way to peacefully save these lost souls.

    I say all that because it plays later in my story. Rather than do a step-by-step recounting of what happened to me, suffice to say I had some alone time with Addison and she definitely seemed “fractured.” I mentioned Tom and said that I didn’t blame her for leaving home. She seemed to like that, but didn’t want to dwell on it. I asked her about the symbol with the three markings in her journal, and she said calmly, “now is not the time.” She also told me that there had actually been an ascension a couple of weeks ago. I guess some of you were there to witness it. Glory be.

    She also asked me something fairly profound: “You are an actor; you look at us (the performers in Tension) and do you see actors, or are we more?” And in the moment I said “You are more.” Then I said something about believing that Anoch was real, but fearing that it was too powerful even for the OOA to control. Then I was whisked away.

    What was fascinating to me, however, was the idea that maybe the point of all this is that they are all actors. That Bousman is a filmmaker. That all of this is a charade. And with what I’ve been reading (and what one person experienced tonight) about Addison donning the Helmet for Samson, that this entire show, this play, is orchestrated towards something far more sinister.

    Something that Addison is actually attempting to stop by invoking Anoch. And I believe Samson is terrified of that prospect.

    But here is the crux of my story. Thank you for your patience. A long time friend of mine went in with me in my group. It was her first time and circumstances had placed us in the same group. When she and I had talked earlier in the week about going in together, she asked me what I felt about all this since I had been in before, and I had told her of my grandiose plans (or thoughts, or whatever) to overthrow the OOA. That something evil was coming and it all needed to be brought down. Well, at the end of the night, shortly before the final ceremony, she came up to me and asked me if I still wanted to overthrow the OOA. I told her (truthfully) that my mind had been changed. I’d been wrong.

    She responded: “Good. Just remember, we are fucking everywhere. We hear everything. Don’t even fucking try to stop us.” Then it was back to all smiles, and on to the next room.

    I’m floored. I’ve known this girl for years. I have no idea how long she’s been a part of the OOA. I don’t know who to trust anymore.

    EXCEPT I trust @gatekeeper2 – or whatever your real name is. Hold strong. Samson and his goons have nothing on the power you hold. I will stand by you and do whatever you ask. I am so sorry for doubting you. I sincerely hope I can earn your trust.

    To Samson and ODSM or whoever it is: Careful. From reading the forums, we are on to you.

    And in light of the most recent revelation from tonight’s periscope: clearly something far beyond even Bousman & co are pulling the strings. I suspect Samson is at the reins.

    But something far more sinister and powerful than Samson is at Addison’s fingertips. She’s tapped into it. I vow to help her.

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    I mis-tagged @masterlock. My apologies, Overseer.

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    This is an amazing story. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been reading along on the forum for weeks now, but I finally made an account so that I can weigh in on all these things!

    I felt (and to some extent, still feel) confused by this whole power struggle. I met some very nice people at my processing, but there’s still something unsettling about the whole organization. I’m so torn…I felt so awful for the attendants as they begged me for help. I felt so powerless in the hands of the OOA. But even though I sense something truly awful is going on in that building, if there is a bigger game here, I want to play. And if that means putting my trust in Overseer, despite her troubled past, then I will do it.

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    The best advice I’ve received throughout this whole experience has been the same, from participants AND those within the OOA: Nothing is what it seems. Trust no one.

    Except for Anoch. We may trust in Anoch.

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