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    I realized last night, the Culver City letter drop video was the first time we’ve seen Addison wearing black.. which got me thinking about what we’ve seen her wearing since we first met her in person in May.

    At the mixer, she was wearing the orange-red dress that has become ubiquitous with Addison in my mind. We saw her in this dress for what seems like a long while, until she burned those photos in the periscope video “The Affirmation.”

    From there, she went a little more casual, in the video of her and four prepping for the false assassination of III. White tee shirt

    We then saw her in a striped dress when she appeared at the pool party, to deliver the package to Daela. I don’t have a pic of this, unfortunately

    After that, the periscope “Shall We Dance??” with Addison wearing a blue dress, and iirc our first time properly seeing GK4. Addison is sitting by the fireplace, tearing petals off a yellow rose, contemplating “I meet with him, I meet with him not.” Four appears on screen in a black tank and black pants.

    Then, Addison kills Four. She’s wearing a white dress, and Four is in a black jacket.

    After this, she goes on the run. Very casual grey sweaters, and white tees at this point. It looks like she may be wearing black in the candlelit image, but it may also be grey. Let’s call it grey for the theory?

    Gallery link, hopefully this works?

    And finally, this past week, she’s been in black, manic, and talking about the meeting tomorrow night.

    another slideshow, god help me:

    I wanted to bring this up for discussion – could be nothing, but nothing’s random.

    From a formality standpoint, she’s wearing dresses whenever she appears an an agent of the OOA or in any other “official” role. Then she’s dressing more casually whenever she’s speaking directly to the OOA’s followers, and performing non-OOA-sanctioned actions.

    Colors may be symbolic as well – when she seems apprehensive, confused, or afraid, she’s wearing more vibrant colors. When she’s being assertive or aggressive white. And now she’s wearing black and speaking manically (much like a previous gatekeeper).. possible foreshadowing through a throwback to GK4?

    Or am I grasping at straws?

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