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    Iris Halliwell

    Dear Tension,
    I want to write you a thank you letter for everything you have done for me, and all the people you have brought into my life. You came into my life at the tail end of one of my darkest periods. I was feeling lost and lonely as hell. I had tried everything I could to feel better. I had added “friend” after “friend” to the roster, had enough hobbies to fill a calendar, and kept constantly busy to distract myself from the ache inside. When I heard about you, you sounded exciting, perhaps another interest to add to the list, but nothing I thought would actually help. I sit here nearly 8 months later knowing better. You helped me be brave. You helped me face things I never thought I could. You helped me reconnect with people I feared were all but lost to me. And you brought into my life a glorious rainbow of characters who make my every day better.
    @addisonborn -You have opened my eyes to new elements of creativity. From your musical tastes, to your writing, to the way you film a shot, I am always inspired by your work.
    @aleocotillo – Nothing but kind to me since the day I started speaking with you, I am honored by the way you welcomed me into your life and shared your world with me, no holds barred. You are so brave and beautiful.
    @amieexists -My carebear birthday twin <3 The way you care for people is relentless, and I never cease to be amazed at how day in and day out, you are always checking up on people, always being such an amazing friend. Your turtle face makes me smile on my worst days.
    @blondiecamps -You are so damn witty. I swear you make me laugh every day with your British sense of humor. I can’t wait to meet you and grow closer to the girl that magically became one of us even though she was a world away.
    @thebuz -I honestly never knew we’d end up being such great friends. You’ve ascended with me (TWICE) now, and entertained me through some of my longest days at work. Thank you for being so good to me, thank you for helping me feel safe when I was scared, and thank you for being the man that you are.
    @puppetgirl -My acting buddy! I’m so happy you got to join us for Ascension, even in the later group. I love watching your convention and travel posts, and hearing you tell me silly stories about life. Thank you for being a part of this group, and thank you for all that you’ve shared with me.
    @daela -I think about how much I love you soul twin, and it makes me feel like tearing up. You came to me on the forums and broke through my social awkwardness and initial hesitance to be friends with anyone. You pretty much took me to my first Comic-Con and taught me the ropes. I feel like I’ve known you forever, and I hope I get to. You are such a beautiful human being, and you feel like home to me.
    @electrichippo -Ah the fearless BOS leader. You had many roles throughout this experience, and I know you’ve been villainized in some. But I want to thank you for being there for me at a time when I needed someone most. You talked to me like a mom would, gave me perspective, and made me feel more confident in who I am and the choices I’ve made. Thank you for being my friend.
    @kingkill33 -First of all, I want to note that your cooking is astounding. I’m still thinking about that barbeque you made, and I can’t wait to see you for the holidays. Secondly, your wacky antics and tales of life at home always make me chuckle and nod, thinking “Oh God, that’s so Gray.” I’m so happy to see you’re feeling better, and I look forward to all our future cooking and haunt experiences together.
    @ephorrorsociety -My bestie that lives so far away. I wish you were closer every morning so I could come over with coffee and we could laugh over our ridiculous dick jokes and share deliciously terrible food. I feel so lucky that I get to know you and watch your gorgeous little girl grow up. I cannot wait to see you next. Won’t be long now 
    @atticus360 -I still remember my first event with these lovely folks, and meeting you there. I felt so excited but nervous because I’m terrible with crowds. You came right up to me and talked about your life and your interests. You made me feel so special and included that day, and have been nothing but kind to me since. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Say hi to Archie for me.
    @mkarrett -The amount that you care about your friends is honestly awe inspiring. I can’t believe the things you have done for all of us. You inspire me to be a better person and to express more gratitude every day. Being a sentry and being an organizer can be thankless. I want you to know I am thankful for you Melissa, everything that you are and everything that you do. You are unbelievable. When I grow up I want to be you. Seriously.
    @mike -Our true Tension leader, the master of all that is haunt and immersive theater. I can honestly tell you that if I took any guidance in game to heart throughout all of this, it came from you. You are honestly awesome, and your humor is biting but brilliant. I hope to follow you and your incredible journey for as long as I remain an immersive theater junkie (which doesn’t appear to be letting up any time soon).
    @mumumusings -I can’t imagine how hard it is, being so far from us and having to watch the action from a screen. But I want you to know that you’re wonderful. You’re kind, clever, and funny, and Tension would not have been the same without your spicy boy ways. I’m so glad you joined our little freak show <3
    @111error -Oh my God, where can I even begin? The first person to reach out to me on these forums. The first person here to make me feel 100% okay with exactly who I am. When we started speaking I had no idea you would turn out to be someone who would talk me through nights of tears in hospital beds, staying up until 6:00 A.M. your time just to help little old me. You are a TREASURE, and a lifelong friend. I love you to pieces. Thank you for being your hilarious, kind, kooky, incredible self.
    @rizzzoooooo -God damn it, the only man I know who can gorge on more fast food than me. Seeing your huge grin over the past few months has made my days brighter. You’re funny and sweet and I’m so happy that I know you. Thank you for being so…Rizzo.
    @thegilded -Of all the wonderful and terrible things we’ve been through, I believe Tension is the greatest thing we’ve ever done together. I wouldn’t be here without you, and I want you to know someone wakes up every day grateful for your existence. Thank you for all of our adventures-I can’t wait to see the rest <3
    Tension, last night at Ascension you brought up to me that I am very sick, and I could in fact be dying. This is true. I am scared I admit, but I want you to know: if Tension and all that has come with it was the last thing I ever got to do, it would all be worth it and I wouldn’t change a damn thing.
    Thank you for giving me the experience of a lifetime and the best friends any girl could ever ask for. What you have done for me is in one word: priceless.
    The Tension Experience: Iris

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    Love you, bb ❤️

    We have a date in SD, don’t forget.

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    @irishalliwell120 I’m glad to have a twin in you. Even more to have a friend in you. ❤️ We are all so lucky that we ended up with so much more than an amazing experience.

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    Michael Rizzo


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    Jesus Christ, Iris. This is a whole lot of feels I was not expecting at 7pm on a Saturday.

    This is such a wonderful post, nothing I say can adequately follow it, but I’m honored to be listed alongside these freaks, whom I also consider my weirdest, best friends in the world.

    I would stay up till 6am to help you any time you ever wanted or needed me to. Fuck, this is far too many feelings, and I wasn’t ready to break character here tonight.

    HEY, creators, writers, producers, actors, everyone involved that doesn’t normally talk here; When we try to hint at the number of friendships brought together by this experience, and at the depth and meaning of those connections, it’s like trying to describe a flavor – it’s a shadow of the truth, a scratching of an iceberg and just the faintest hint of what lies beneath. This post comes closer than anything else I’ve seen, and it’s just one person’s experience. Thank you for helping bring it, and us, all together.

    Glory be.

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    Iris Halliwell

    Yes @111error.
    As our Overseer said last night:
    Glory. Fucking. Be.

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    I respond with what I’m good at. Gifs.

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    I’m not crying, you’re crying

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    I love you so much ❤️ The amount of joy you guys bring me is indescribable. I’ll forever be greatful ❤️ Ily bby @iris

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    OMG @irishalliwell120, thank you! @thecreator remember when I said that Tension has been changing lives? This is what I mean.

    Now I need some Kleenex!

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    Good god, the feels. I am so grateful to know you, Iris. And I’m in awe of your ability to express something that’s been so difficult to express. Love you to pieces – and may we all remain a community for years to come. <3

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    _Michael Gray

    This is absolutely lovely and perfect for what most of us feel about Tension. I love what you wrote @irishalliwell120, and I’m sure @thecreator knows you speak from the heart. Thank you for the compliments and I can’t wait to cook for you and the gang soon :)

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    This is probably one of the hardest things I have ever written. I’m not so good with sharing what is going on inside. But if my bb @irishalliwell120 can do it, so can I. Because it’s important you know the impact Tension has had.

    When I first joined Tension, I was just a failing writer who sat in front of a blank screen every day wondering why something that I used to love was leaving me so utterly miserable. But here was this thing that sounded so cool and hey, if I was gonna be sat at this computer, I might as well be doing something. I never expected to become a part of it. I mean, there are so many reasons – I was pretty late to the party, I’m so far away and well, I’m *me*…

    But you guys (both the Community and the Creators). Distance meant less than nothing to you. You have given me purpose again, a joy for life I don’t know if I ever had before, you’ve given me back the way with words I thought I had lost. There have been some tough times for me during the last couple of months. Some of you I have talked to about it ( @111error @aleocotillo @irishalliwell120 @nosnevets – there are actually no words in existence to express the depth of my love and gratitude and that is no exaggeration cos I checked the dictionary AND thesaurus 😉 ), others just knowing you were around if I needed you was more than I could ever have asked for.

    Now I’m sitting here, packing a suitcase to come and see my new family. To attend Ascension. And YOU made this happen. I still keep expecting to wake up because this cannot be real, this cannot be my life!

    In truth, I don’t need to ascend, cos Glory Be, I’ve already been saved <3 *cue the eye rolls*

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      Andrew Kasch

      Anochspeed, @blondiecamps! I’m so thrilled you got this opportunity!

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      @blondiecamps Hardly anyone knows that we met up when I came to the UK (well, more do now), nor that we share a BoS tattoo (oops, that too), but lots of us know how much being part of this insanity has meant to you. We’re all glad you’re going to get processed soon. Very soon.

      Are you sure you’re ready for this? The organization (cult) knows how far you are coming and will already be considering how best to welcome you to their hallways..


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    Iris Halliwell

    @blondiecamps -That was beautiful, and God damn these “allergies”!
    I need a tissue.

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    @irishalliwell120: As I tell you repeatedly, you are a gorgeous girl, inside and out, and so, so brave. When you doubt this, I’ll always be somewhere nearby to remind you that it is 100% true. 😘❤️😘❤️

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    @irishalliwell120 – You are amazing. Thank you so much for this. It seems like years ago that you first appeared on the forums, then disappeared, then reappeared and @thegilded and I were having conversations about whether or not you were a real person or not. Funny how the world works 😉

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