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    After a few drinks, and much discussion at the last Tension get together (Thanks @nosnevets!) I have been encouraged to start a thread on dreams. (Thanks @atticus360!)

    Tension can be thrilling, intense, and unsettling – so it’s only natural that a few of us have had their storylines cross into our sacred space at night. And, well, I’m just curious as to how many of us have actually had dreams, and if you’d be willing to share any of them?

    Truthfully, I’ve really only had one dream, and it was the first night I really got involved with Tension. I should start off by mentioning that my stress dreams usually involve waking up over and over again, visited by faces watching me sleep, before finally waking myself up to reality. So this really wasn’t unusual for me, just…interesting.

    In my dream, I remember waking up to @gatekeeper2 watching me sleep. When I woke up, she jumped into a monologue asking me to leave with her. To where? Well, I don’t really think there was a plan. But eventually, after fighting with her for a good while, (because I didn’t want to leave,) I woke up. If anything, it was almost just a real life periscope – lots of staring, confusing sentences, and a bit too close to home, literally.

    So with that, knowing very well the dangerous waters we’re swimming in by giving up personal information so willingly, I ask – anyone else want to share?

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    Thank you so much for sharing this @gabzilla – I had one a while ago which I shared privately with a few Tensionites as it really freaked me out at the time. It was just after a Periscope which turned out to be Addison’s first broadcast from Europe. I had this really strong feeling that she was closer to me geographically than ever before. That night I dreamt that she was standing outside my house. I was at the bedroom window, peering out into the dimly lit street, where Addison stood motionless, staring up at me. I eventually broke away and returned to bed, but lay there, terrified. Not of her, but for her. When I woke up, the fear remained and I was convinced she was still out there… I reached out to her privately the next day, but never received a response.

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    I had a crazy dream about Tension last night. Specifically about Ascension. I was going for a second time and it was very very different. After the receptionist and picture I was led directly to processing and I walked out into he hallway without saying anything to anyone because I heard loud voices and went to explore. There was a kitchen table surrounded by hillbillies (like the kind you see in a backwoods haunted house) playing poker around the corner lot by a single hanging lightbulb. I asked if they were OOA and they toasted OOA and then I asked where I could find Addison and they didn’t know and then I asked where I could find Aleister and they got all riled up and took me to a wooden ladder. I climbed the ladder up into an elaborate treehouse where a bunch of OOA (not hillbilly just wearing white) were scurrying around on what looked like a pirate ship and I kept asking for Addison but nobody knew and then I started asking for Aleister and somebody pointed out DLB so I walked over to him and said Aleister and he turned around and I stared at him angrily and he stared back and I demanded to know where Addison was. He took me into his “captains chambers” and told me how in order to find Addison I need to be a good OOA member and that the women of OOA are expected to behave with innocence and respect. This pissed me off but I “girlified” my voice and softly looked into his eyes while stroking his cheek and complimented him for about a minute and ended with asking for Addison. I was taken to her and she was fine. She was completely out of character and just talking to me as the actress. She told me what a great job I had done and that nobody had had that path yet in all the shows and was calling Darren by his real name and continued to talk to me out of character about tension all the way to the van.

    It was a really weird dream.

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    Given that Ascension is a direct conduit to the unconscious, it wouldn’t surprise me for your dreams to be affected. Interestingly, in my case, I actually had dreams before I went but not after that were connected in some way. Your dreams will speak to you in metaphor, symbols, and ask you to make associations with the things you dream about.

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    Tom K.

    There are actually a few dreams I’ve had about TENSION since I first attended Ascension back in October. My memory of them is somewhat foggy unfortunately, but there were two that seem to stick out in my mind:

    In the first dream, I remember being at the compound in a dingy-looking hospital room. I was handcuffed to a gurney that was being wheeled to an operating theater, where they were going to perform the “ritual” to see if I was the next Oracle. I awoke before they were able to go through with it (and I do remember more happening in the dream, but I cannot quite remember what).

    The second involved going to a sort of mixer-event for the institute that was being held in this sort of recreation center out in some rural area. Several people (myself included) were clad in those plastic uniforms you wear during processing, but all that I remember happening was that people mingled and that an older gentleman concluded the event by announcing which of the OOA’s newest members were chosen to move on to the next “phase” of the recruitment process. This process was supposed to take place over a period of several days, and I remember being very afraid of what it would entail but somehow grateful that I was chosen to move forward.

    The weird thing is I am certain that I’ve had several other dreams and nightmares about Tension and the OOA, but I those are the only two I specifically remember. Something else I found a bit odd about those two is that I was an complete newcomer to the institute during both of them, but I somehow had full recollection of what happened during my first Ascension and knew very well what the OOA would eventually do to me.

    I woke up from both with feelings of dread and anxiety. And I don’t know why, but for some reason I still feel anxious and even disturbed just thinking about them (the second one in particular). That’s actually something that’s never happened to me before.

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