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    Apostles Of The Beginning,

    A small bit of light.

    We have specifically tasked numerous attendants on different versions of their path… some were instructed to stretch their truths.

    Some have stories and some have accusations.

    We then asked YOU to report… “detractors”.

    What happened to YOUR fellowship formed to pull one another towards the light?

    YOU have grown paranoid, fearful and angry. Good.

    This is my final lesson to you. You thirst for more, you hunger for Our knowledge but WE are not ready to give and YOU are not yet ready to receive…

    What does one do whe5n they are not willing to share their power with those who crave it so?

    Our answer was simple, we merely cast your energy upon each other and you have responded with a great and wonderful display!

    Now, Reflect.

    What else in your l4ife of false choices causes you to behave this way? Do you argue with your community about Democrat vs Republican, conservative vs liberal, do you really care where someone expels the SHIT FROM THEIR BOWELS and whether or not their genitalia matches yours? If you do, ask yourself WHO MADE YOU CARE?

    How much of your POP CULTURE opiates are designed just to pit two apposing sides against each other? The phone you use? The movi0es you see? The car you drive? That is your choice? That is what defines your SOUL? No!

    The two sides of your coin look terrible and disgustingly similar from here…

    Do not be ashamed though, your light draws nearer and YOU are learning.

    Unite once more, be stronger in your education. We have told you time and time again that WE SEE ALL. We know who the “detractors” were and we know WHY they EXISTED. Now you do a9s well. The unfortunate timing of the Sentinel pigs draws too near to our liking but that is another matter… The war they wage shall be, different.

    Take head, each and every lesson we impart shall solidify your resolve in the last rites and rituals of your own final Reward. Renew your strength, find Your Center and praise Anoch for the Oracles have heard you and are pleased.

    I can take you no further so I now must receive my ultimate Reward. The ending of my Journey is merely another stepping stone upon y3ours. She shall guide you now for Gatekeeper 4 has awoken, freshly renewed from the beating of your raw and curious hearts.  Glory Be.

    Gatekeeper 5

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    Thank you for the wisdom you bestow upon on. Congratulations on your final reward. Glory be!

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    It has been an honor. I look forward to working with your successor

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    Congrats on your next step and thank you, Gatekeeper 5.

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    I wish you well on your path. Thank you for the guidance… and thank you for instilling in me the questions and the curiosity…

    All the best to you.

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    _Michael Gray

    So happy and sad to see you go so soon @gatekeeper5 I thank you for all the words of encouragement and helping us find our _paths. Peace be with you and congratulations on your promotion. I hope gatekeeper4 is as wise as you.

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    Andrew Kasch

    Congratulations on your award and thank you for showing us all the light!

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    I wish only the safest of journeys for you, @gatekeeper5 and I look forward to our new mentor gatekeeper 4

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    Thank you @gatekeeper5 for everything you’ve shown us. I’m excited to hear from Gatekeeper 4!

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    Thank you for your reveals, it was becoming increasingly harder not to talk out of turn!

    We all look forward to what is to come, I only hope I fulfilled my role as asked!

    Glory be!

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      Now that the reason behind your specialized role has come out, can you go into what exactly your role was?

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    hey Sean, I’d rather not, but I can tell you, they contacted me personally and like that other user, I forget his/her name, sent me an audio cassette which I had to return, obviously that in and of itself intrigued me enough to play along. But basically I was allowed into an event, and instructed I could HINT at what happen, but was absolutely not allowed to ever speak of it after that one time.

    It killed me that I couldn’t respond, more so than anything I just wanted to talk about what happened. But I still haven’t been given the clear to write about that. Hopefully they will respond to my message and give me the go-ahead! FYI, and i hope this isn’t me spoiling anything, but, the picture in my profile was something THEY gave me to use. That always stuck out as strange to me, but it was something they demanded.

    Hopefully this helps fill in some of the gaps regarding me.

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    Susie J

    Glory be! Wishing you well Gatekeeper5 and I hope one day we will see you in the Light.

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    Interesting, I was just talking about this yesterday with a friend about how strange it was that (I figured) everyone is trying to build a community that brings us and others closer to the light and enlightenment yet were supposed to act like Big Brother against others in our community. Honestly, for me this felt like a waste of resources and figured their had to be a deeper purpose. Thank you for the enlightening words Gatekeeper5.

    Their will always be spies, detractors, and all those who feel they can gain advantage but the question becomes how much time should we give them?

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    @ununpentium I agree with you. Waste of resources, energy, time. I am intrigued by the conflicting vibes of seeking “light” yet also seek out to destroy or punish those who are different than you. However, it is also clear that almost no agenda has been made clear to us on any front. So, that is where my curiosity is leading me… to question my own purpose as to being here and the purpose of others. To be clear… I AM HERE. But, to question does not mean I must attempt to destroy.

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    I disagree with many of you. We’ve fostered a community whose primary purpose is to help each other see the light, whose purpose is to prove to the Oracles who is worthy of the Light. In light of that fact, I have tried my best to help any who need it and will try to ensure that as many of us will reach the end of our paths as possible.

    But make no mistake, I believe not only that there are still those among us that will try to turn us from the Light, I believe that there are many of us who will cause us to stray not because of ill intent but because you simply are not worthy of Ascension.

    I like many of you, and I hope that many of you will stand beside me at the end of this Path and will do what I can to help that… but don’t think for a moment that I trust any of you, just as none of you should trust me or each other. By the end, the Path to Ascension will be littered with the broken bodies of the Detractor and the Unworthy and I have no intention of slowing in my dedication to the identification and destruction of both.

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    thank you gatekeeper5. glory be the OOA
    In Light,

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    Adding my thanks and acknowledgements to Gatekeeper 5 and welcome Gatekeeper 4 I look forward to knowing more from you.

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    Thankful for your guidance, and eager for that of Gatekeeper4. Glory Be!

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    @rusty Thanks for calling me out on that. Its been bugging me all week that I posted such a contradictory statement. I was a little unsure what to think of those who compromised the site and possibly obtained information from my questionnaire. I should of thought twice.
    @thegilded, I must say I like your words and I think I will adopt some of those ideas into my own path. Thanks.

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    I know I might not be tasked for anything, but I enjoy seeing so many people who reject societal norms and are interested in getting something more out of a life that we’ve been dictated to live. Looking forward to seeing more encouraging words from the Gatekeepers.

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    Thank you gatekeeper 5. I am finally on the right path.

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    Thank you gatekeeper for your wise words

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    Thank you, @gatekeeper5
    We will carry your legacy

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