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    To help fill the void that Tension left and get us through the wait for Lust, what are some recommendations you have for books, shows, movies, games, etc. (but not including other live events) that have a similar vibe?

    To start, I have to encourage everyone to watch “Kaiji.” The anime’s story follows gambling addict Itou Kaiji, a young man who after being betrayed by a friend into shouldering a mountain of debt, is forced to play a series of Absurdly High Stakes Games to try to clear it. The games themselves are run (and often rigged by) a shadowy yakuza-like organization that enjoys watching people suffer. The art style is strange, but extremely expressive, and what this show really does well is to create an atmosphere of unease and tension (dun dun duunnnnn). Kaiji is relatable. He isn’t an unbeatable protagonist. He loses often and when he does, you feel his despair. But when he wins, you’re elated right alongside him. I can’t recommend this enough.

    So! What are your recommendations?

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    There is a game on steam called The Black Watchmen, it’s a long-term ARG and its about to have another live event on the 22nd.

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    Hazel Cloud

    The Game (1997)
    One Night At McCool’s (2001)
    Brotherhood (2007)
    Lucky (2011)
    The Lobster (2015)

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    Before Anoch and Glory Be, there was Jacob and Namaste. The television show LOST is so divided among people (even fans!) but it will forever go down as one of my favorite shows just for how many risks it took. If you were fan of Tension’s mythology and characters, give LOST a try. Seedy organizations, tests, ancient religions, daddy issues, philosophy, it has ALL of that! And top it off it’s all wrapped around the most likable yet equally flawed characters. *CUE LOST TITLE CARD BOOM*

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    “The Invitation”, of course.

    “The Path”, on Hulu, is flawed but is generally pretty good.

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    There’s this amazingly great novel called “S.” by JJ Abrams.

    You have to get a physical copy, as it is the story of two people whom communicate with each other about a book by writing in, leaving notes/postcards/clippings, etc. for each other to tell the story within a story (within a story).

    Check it out.

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    Three books by Mark Z. Danielewski:
    House of Leaves
    Only Revolutions
    The Fifty Year Sword

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    And of course, in terms of “you’re in the game”, the film ‘eXistenZ’, and Black Mirror “Playtest” season 3, episode 2.

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      Max R.

      “Playtest” hit way too close to home, I can sadly see myself ending up in that chair.

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    I’ve always loved Dark City in the “Creepy Mystery” category

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    Addison Born

    This may be more of a “if you like Tension you’ll probably also like:” list but..

    If you like Tension, you’ll probably also like:

    Black Mirror is always a good way to get your mind fucked.

    Mr. Robot is awesome. And if you missed Westworld, get on that.

    For an little insight into the day to day activities of BoS members, check out Hackers.

    There’s this “Abattoir” movie from some Darren Lynn Bousman dude that seems fun.

    “Mumblegore” stuff like House of the Devil, You’re Next, The Innkeepers, V/H/S, etc.

    and after this roller coaster just please please watch Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City

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    For a little insight into the day to day activities of BoS members, check out Hackers. -Addison Born

    So basically what you’re saying is… Hackers is a show about some completely ineffectual wannabe “hackers.” Okay, I’ll check it out. 😆 😂 😆

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