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    Since I didn’t get into the forums until very recently, please bear with me. Have any of us met or seen Gayle Jones in person?

    I ask because of the Gail/Gayle that some have encountered within the walls of the OOA. I had always wondered where both Tom Barrow and Gayle Jones had received my email address, and Tom’s mystery has been just about solved since we found that he’s likely OSDM. But Gayle?

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    It seems that Gayle Jones is someone newer to all of us. She started emailing people during the 2nd (I think) week of Ascension.

    Bob Jones, her husband, met with a few of us early on, but then he was found and Four alluded to him being….dead. Possibly hung, in the newsletter.

    The processing Gayle (or Gail?) was something I never connected and it could be something! Now that I’m thinking about it, Bob Jones was robbed after meeting a girl at a bar. Perhaps (and this is me overthinking a crazy idea), Gayle wanted revenge on her possibly cheating husband, looked up info on the OOA, joined, and she’s the one who dropped the dime on her husband?

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    Cults that find themselves being investigated by journalists sometimes try to set said journalist up with a long-con plant that will pose as their significant other.

    I would not be surprised at all if Gayle is Bob’s plant.

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    Andrew Kasch

    Like many others, I was e-mailed by Gail before the second Ascension.

    I broke it to her that I believed her husband is dead and she got hysterical and was in total denial.
    Probably also in denial that her hubby got jumped chasing some chick in a bar (could that have been one of the Sadies?).

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    I just remembered!

    On my second visit, after I failed to remember my first processor’s name, Simon sent me to Gayle’s desk. He was busting my balls and said, “You’ll be over there, with GAYLE”. I got snarky and asked, “With a Y?” He said, “With a Y, and an E”.

    Oh. Plot point? Perhaps!

    Now, I must tell you that she was a very compassionate woman. After asking me the usual personal questions, she said she wanted to go back to one of the relationships she had asked about. We talked about that a bit, and she was very kind and compassionate in discussing it. That seemed rather out of place for TENSION, so now putting 2 and 2 together….perhaps that is, in fact, Gayle Jones.

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      Great catch!

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