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    A new article has appeared in the LA Times today. It’s a look behind the curtain. I would consider this out of game, but at the same time, I think it will get people more excited about Ascension.

    There are mild spoilers in the article, so proceed with caution!

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    Neil King

    Yup. I stopped reading after the first paragraph to avoid spoilers as I want to go in completely fresh.

    Can’t say I’m surprised though.

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    Thanks for sharing @mike!

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    This definitely gets me more excited! The shift from the ARG aspects to an actual “immersive” theater style experience is something many of us have suspected and I do hope this article gets more eyes on the project. Los Angeles is ripe for a big exciting immersive experiment. We have certainly had our share of amazing events here. (The Speakeasy Society and ThisistheWilderness come to mind, plus the weird opening nights of The Purge live event that Blumhouse shuttered after a couple of nights – then quickly retooled into a different style show. All worthy of our time and money.)

    This event could truly open many people to new and exciting trends in theater, haunts and live events in general. The ambitious nature of this is impressive and it will be very interesting to see what they have in store for us! This article is a very welcome breath of fresh air for me in The Tension Experience timeline. I can’t wait!!!

    Thanks for pointing us to it @mike.

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    Holy shit, that’s quite the peek behind the curtain! I’m surprised this was published but it’s pretty interesting and personally makes me excited for what’s to come! Hopefully this will get more people on board. Thanks @mike!

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    As if we ever doubted it, I think this proves you guys are in for something very special… *tries to hide the all-consuming jealousy*

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    The perfect pick me up for a Friday morning at work. So excited for this!

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    Jeff Heimbuch

    Major kudos to Darren and his team for revealing a bit about what’s behind the curtain, and helping people understand what they are all about. I suspect this great PR will help spread the word even further. The article made me very excited to see Ascension

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    Oh man, I’m going to do everything I can to NOT read this thing…

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    Oh man you aren’t kidding. Anyone attending that wants to go in with fresh eyes should probably avoid that video, especially. Lotta spoilers in that.

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    You know….the whole there’s 7 escape rooms in LA (lol, nope) and the bit about how the Creators left a diary at the library for people to find (again, false) makes me wonder if this article is all false. Lies. Granted, that would be really REALLY elaborate but….

    Like @gatekeeper2 said, a giant distraction for us?

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