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    I thought that it would be interesting to share stories about the last Ascension, is it relevant to what happened Sunday? It is no surprise that days after I still play over and over in my head what I experienced, what I saw. I wonder if some of it was indeed what I perceived or if my mind filled in the gaps with what it wanted to. I had both accidentally and intentionally read spoilers about the event but a few things seemed just slightly…different.

    My story? Started as many others, in the parking lot waiting to be picked up, I recognized a few faces (one of them was @gabzilla <3) and we gathered around talking for a bit, we noticed our group had 16 people. The van arrived, we were given our waivers and told to just sign the back. We got in line to start getting in the van (if I remember correctly, we were told in what order), as they started loading the van the two guys in it started arguing over something and finally one says “OK guys, something happened but we will be right back, do NOT follow us” and they were off with urgency. They came back a few moments after to pick the rest of us up. Hooded in the van, classical music playing while we remained silent, I did start to get nervous, I could tell by how I was breathing. We finally got to the compound where we were told to stand against the wall. Three handler girls came out while we waited for our turn to go in, some looked into our eyes, others would touch us, one came up to me and whispered “You came from Arizona didn’t you? Thank you!” I had some weird interaction with the guy at the front door, he took my waiver and read my name and said “Glory be!” and asked me to say it. I smiled at him and said it. He then let me in and one of the handler girls was inside waiting for me, asked me why I was there and welcomed me, took a seat in reception, filled the rest of the waiver and gave it to the receptionist who told me to be completely honest otherwise it doesn’t work. Went in for my picture, the photographer (Myles) was lovely, he apologized for having to use his cell phone for my picture since his camera wasn’t working. He wrote down the safeword on my waiver, I told him he had nice writing and he thanked me. He then sent me to the comfort room and was invited to explore. I noticed a few participants there, I tried talking to the people in that room but got no real response, I saw someone else trying too but didn’t get much out of them either. There I found this note and put it in my back pocket, immediately the handler that greeted me said she needed me to go with her and that she had to hood me. She took me to the next room and told me where to stand and to not move, I felt a presence in front of me, I started hearing his voice “can you hear me?” he asked, he then asked me to repeat a few words with him, including “the brand of the clothes I wear do not define me” and then he took my hood off. It was Ellis/Andrew/Whatever his name is inside Ascension; he looked so sad, his eyes broke my heart. I asked if he was OK and the nodded his head while looking away, he then asked me to take off my pants, then my shirt (which at first I thought he had said “shorts” so for a moment I almost took my underwear off). After I put on my jumpsuit on I was lead outside by the lady in the room, before I was in the corridor I said “Goodbye, Ellis” and he followed me to the door while he watched me walk towards the processing room. The lady walking with me told me “That is not his name” and I said “then he looks like someone who’s name I know is Ellis”, she chuckled a bit, then Ellis started yelling at me to get out (?), he looked concerned but I entered the processing room where Simon was a bit stressed but remained calm and friendly, talking to us about our future, asking if we are doing what we love, and trying to handle all the people in the room. The 2nd timers where in a huddle wearing only their underwear. The lady that processed me asked me her questions, at some points it got really loud and I couldn’t hear her, so she got up and repeated the question in my ear. Samson and Michelle came inside and the cast got up to face the wall, they both went inside the smaller room and the processing continued. When I was done I was sent to sit on a chair where a few of us ended up sitting for a while, Simon kept coming up to us and apologizing, some of the ladies acted nervous. Eventually there was no room left to sit on so Simon had people sit on our laps, others were standing up. As we were waiting I saw Michelle come out of the room, she then saw me and stared at me as she was walking with a smirk on her face. Eventually we were told to line up before being lead into the red room where we being such a large group inside had problems hearing some of the questions. We didn’t “escape” on time so we were told to “get the fuck out”. Outside the professor guy yelled at us for not taking the room seriously, then he separated me along with two others and took us to the flower room, where the girl paid a lot of attention to me, caressing my face, pressing her forehead on mine while she repeated the words of Anoch and the first Oracle. We got the eye drops, had our eyes covered then moved on the senses room, where we had to eat, smell and feel things. My wrists got tied up and my hands dipped in wax so I couldn’t move them. I had earphones put on with strange static? I was told to walk while hands would guide me around till I sat on a chair where I waiting for a bit, finally Overseer came to me and asked if I would die if I knew that it would save 20 people and I said yes (I heard others say no). I was then lead by Myles to a room where Overseer was sitting, my hood was removed and she told me to sit. I saw a naked girl covered in blood standing behind the chair I sat on. Overseer untied my wrists and explained to me that I had been chosen, that hey have been looking for someone for so long and that she thanked me for doing this. She left the room and Myles sat in front of me, letting me enjoy my “last moments” to taste, feel and smell. He said wonderful words to me, I quite enjoyed my time with him. He then let me in the room with the video camera and I saw all the second timers standing in clothing this time, covered in blood. I was instructed to say my goodbyes to the camera and after I did, the second timers left the rooms. The other girl who was chosen stood against the wall until everyone else left, she talked to me about how she was in a room full of dolls and how she had to search for a key. She talked to me for a bit until Myles came for us and lead us to the stage, where we were strapped to the chair while Overseer talked over a microphone before starting the ceremony, a handler tied me up to the chair, a white hood was put over my head and was given special instructions by the biker looking man, he then placed a rag over my nose and slowly my head laid to the side, while I heard them start on the other chosen girl. All I could hear was her getting hurt, really hurt. A lot of screaming, it was heartbreaking. I was told afterwards that the handler that was going to work on the other chosen girl started hesitating, so one of the other handlers killed her and then proceeded to work on the chosen one, finally Overseer claims to have achieved Ascension, but soon after starts to regret it and gets upset, yelling and telling everyone to get out. Someone removed her from the room, and all I could hear was a girl still sobbing. Biker guy removes my hood and lifts me up, we walk towards the exit and while he tells me that I need to let everyone know what happened there that night, to share with the others.

    Overall it seemed like the there was something wrong that night, the characters seemed worried to me, Simon was acting kinder than usual and he admitted it was a “crazy night”. Could they have known that something was going to happen soon? Why was Ellis so worried? Why was he sad and concerned? I hope some can share what happened that night to them.

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    Knowing what happened the next day, I bet they could sense the impending doom.

    So happy you were able to make it out and do it!!

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      Dude…I was so happy. Maybe even a bit too happy. So glad I got to go.

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      Also, the processing lady asked confused where my photo was when she saw my waiver, I explained that Myles camera wasn’t working and that he took it with his cell phone so instead, she proceeded to draw a silly picture of me and said “close enough!” (she even drew some glasses on, I wish I could kept it).

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    Hazel Cloud

    SO happy that you got to experience what has got us all in a craze! It is certainly one of its kind and in its own class. We are all fortunate to be participants in our own phases on our own _paths to enlightenment and understanding. What a beast of art this work has become! All the moving parts are truly what make this project a masterpiece.

    I love hearing people’s accounts!

    Sunday was the finale, so if you haven’t, you should certainly check the tension Facebook page where a video is linked.

    Normally I would send you over to check out the periscope, but it cut out right at the end.

    You should check out both as they offer different vantages. :)

    Hope this helps!

    Glory Be

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      Hi Hazel, I was one of the active so yes, I did know about the finale, I was invited to it :) I was also in the BoS meet periscope Saturday.

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to write out such a detailed description @aleocotillo

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    Addison Born

    Finally had a chance to read through – that sounds like such a good experience and thank you for sharing! So so so happy you were able to make it out after being a staple in the community for so long!! I can’t imagine how emotional it must’ve been to have gone through and less than 24 hours later see it all torn apart.

    And you had such great weather while you were out here too! 😉

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      Thank you ❤️ your words mean a lot. I was on the road back home when I watched the periscope. I couldn’t help but cry, first because I wasn’t with the community sharing such an important moment and then of course because of what was inside. I am honored I got invited though, I wish I could have stayed.

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    I was there as well, as a 2nd timer – thought I’d chime in since my experience dovetails a bit with yours.

    There were quite a lot of us in the parking lot which worried me but I chatted with a few I recognized from the forums. When the van arrived and we got in, the 2nd timers all got in first, five of us, and I was the last of that group. We were told to put the hoods on, and then heard the two men arguing outside before the doors to the van slammed shut and the van drove off, half empty.

    When we got to the warehouse they lined us up against the wall and I was yelled at for standing in front of the door – should have known that was going to be my entire night. I went in first, had my photo taken (also with the phone camera) and then the Overseer showed up and walked me down the hall, holding my hand. She seemed very sad. She asked why I’d returned, and I told her I needed to speak with her privately, I wanted to help her, if there was a way that I could help her. We got to the end of the hall and I told her that I was sorry I was unable to make it to Sunday’s event. She looked down and said “I am too,” before opening the door – I think it was to the processing room, because the next thing I remember I was face to face with Simon, alone in that room with him and the other women. He ordered me to take my clothes off, so I did, I asked if I needed to take my underwear off as well but was told I could leave that on. I had actually snuck something in in my bra, hoping to show it to the Overseer and get her attention, so I was glad that went unnoticed, but I also never had the chance to follow through on that intention.

    I’m going to conveniently skip over much of what was said to me in the processing room, because it got personal and a bit out-of-game – you can message me if you want the details. Suffice to say that it began with Simon looking at me and telling me “we know exactly what you’re here for.” The other four 2nd timers eventually came in and we were all made to stand shoulder to shoulder in a circle, holding hands, heads bowed and looking at the floor while Simon upbraided us – or rather, I specifically remember him upbraiding one of us, because it was me. I will never forget that moment. He then sent us off to the desks, and I was sent to Ruth, where I spent an inordinate amount of time not answering any question correctly, being told how rude I was and being told repeatedly that the things I thought made me special did not, in fact, make me special – at which point she asked “so what makes you special?” and I said “I parallel park real good.” Because god forbid I shut my fucking mouth.

    At some point Michelle and Samson walked in. Michelle came over to me and told me to get up – by the way, I’m still only in my underwear – and she stood me up against a wall. She asked if I knew who she was, and I said “I think you’re Michelle.” She said “why do you want to see her? do you think you can save her?” I said “no.” She smiled and said “do you want to know a secret?” She then leaned in and whispered “no one can,” before the two of them walked back out.

    I thought – yay – I’m done with Ruth. But I was wrong, Simon sent me back to Ruth’s desk where the questions continued onto the subject of my sex life, which I will also conveniently skip – suffice to say that Ruth and anyone who might have been able to hear is now the most informed person on the status of my marriage that I am not married to.

    After questioning I had to have a guy sit on my lap for awhile – I can’t remember who that was so if you’re reading this I’m sorry I kicked you off my lap, my knees kind of suck. Also, the handler from last time who said to me “thank you for not hating me” ran over and hugged me which was awesome.

    From there I think we joined Ale in the Red Room, and also went to the room with the clocks. Eventually, we (the 2nd timers) wound up in a room with mirrors and the Overseer, where we were given our clothes back and she had her journal. She told us that she didn’t remember writing those words – she took us to the control room, where Darren & Clint were watching the monitors. Samson and Michelle were also there. Samson yelled at Darren at one point, and then tried to use the kill phrase on the Overseer but it didn’t work. Michelle stepped in and used it, the Overseer dropped to the ground and she turned to Samson and told him he was incompetent. We were taken out of that room and led to where the 1st timers were sitting in chairs, post-hands-in-wax. The Overseer then came out and introduced herself to us as Addison Barrow, as though we’d never met. We were told that we had to select one of them for the ritual and had to ask one question of them – the others came up with the question that Ale mentioned above, about would you kill yourself if it would save 20 people. Addison asked each of the 1st timers in turn this question. In the end we chose Ale.

    I think after that we were taken and hooded and left alone for a long time. The next thing that happened to me that was significant was I was led into a room, and the hood was removed, it was completely dark. The lights were turned on and I was standing in the red room, surrounded by the entire cast, standing really close to me, with the Overseer right in front of me. What happens in the red room stays in the red room. Between it and the processing room, the experience shook me pretty hard.

    Then, we came to the end, and the sacrifice happened & a new Oracle was raised. Addison began to freak out at that point and Michelle came in, and yelled at the attendants to take her out. She was dragged out of the room screaming, and we were all told to leave.

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      Oh my goodness, thanks for sharing. I was so curious as to what happened from other points of view.

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