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    Love this article. Seems everyone is calling it the new high watermark in immersive experiences.

    Now all we need, is an extension of dates …

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      If there is an extension of dates, I will be going, no excuses

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    Now all we need, is an extension of dates …

    THIS. I know a few people that can’t swing the ticket price in October due to all the other haunts and experiences happening…the same haunts that inspired Tension 😛 So technically, Tension should extend so that people can experience the inspiration…right? See what I did there?

    In all seriousness, I have no idea the financials, but for the LA scene, we NEED this. If it’s feasible for the creators to keep doing this, then we will keep supporting it. I feel like the momentum is going so strong right now and eyes from different audiences keep seeing it thanks to things like the Verge video and articles like this one.

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      I second that. I have a couple people who are really hoping for at least a couple November weekends, as they can’t make October.

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      Definitely this. Haunt season + planning a trip to the UK in December is making a trip back in October difficult. But, November is very plausible. And, @coryphella would be able to make it back (hopefully).

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      Re: possible extension of dates.

      It’s nearly impossible for me to get away once the semester is going and I have shows in tech back to back in November, which is why I was hoping for first weekend in December, though I know that’s unlikely (or at least, not really likely at this point).

      If there’s a November extension, the one weekend I can *possibly* make it out is the weekend of 11/17-11/20 (which also happens to be the weekend I turn 40). I’m not certain I could swing it but if I can, I will absolutely be back for a second and maybe even a third visit (probably 11/18 and 11/19). There’s really only one thing that can screw it up. :(

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      Thirded, @mike. This show being successful and running as long as it can is good for the city. And when we make second (or third, or fourth) trips, we should be spreading the word, bringing those unfamiliar with Tension or immersive theater along for the ride. #thecultisreal

      But yeah, November would be an awesome start.

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      Andrew Kasch

      Here’s hoping. Because there are very few tickets left for these final two weekends and I have so many people have yet to experience it.
      And after my second Ascension, I convinced all the newbies on the ride back to return for Round 2.

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    Andrew Kasch

    Also…did anyone see the phone number in that photograph? I have a hard time reading it…

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      It’s an old phone number for Allianz Insurance Company

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      Addison Born

      I was digging into the article that number was written on, and while I can’t find that article specifically, the one next to it, “Revised Plan for Hillhaven” was published in May 1989. Seems that PFP has to do with funding for funerals, a sort of life insurance..

      Here’s the PFP’s website:

      That, plus the Allianz number – it probably has something to do with Bob Jones’s investigation?

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      The writing says it’s for PFP, but it’s actually for Allianz Insurance Company. 800-888-3737

      I’m guessing it has to do with the life insurance policies the OOA owns.

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