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    Many have expressed a desire to read Ascension spoilers. Many of us who have attended seem to be unsure how far we should go in explaining what goes on inside the walls of The OOA Institute complex in Boyle Heights, California. A common theme I hear: Desire to say just enough to build interest and sell tickets, and thus help ensure The Tension Experience succeeds and lives on for the long haul, but not too much, which could result in the exact opposite effect. On the other hand, what about those who can not attend Ascension due to distance or expense? It’s a all a big dilemma.

    Earlier today I ran across a new article that is the most spoiler heavy article I’ve seen thus far. I’m not sure how I feel about this article, but it exists for anyone to find, and therefore I will link it here. Proceed at your own risk…

    Mashable – A Review of Ascension (with many spoilers)

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    Addison Born

    Whoa. As someone who’s pretty spoiler averse, the level of detail in here makes me super uncomfortable.

    I guess for anyone who’s completely unable to go through, that’s a great article to read. For anyone on the fence… Read another review. And if you already have tickets, I feel like this could very easily be detrimental to your experience.

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    I 100% agree with you @addisonborn, although perhaps the one saving grace is that this description of Ascension events barely mirrored my own during many key points. Tension has promised to change things up regularly as well as implement private unique experiences as a goal. This article seems to be evidence of just that.

    A couple newer, spoiler free articles:

    Dread Central – Preview with new fantastic Ascension trailer

    Dread Central – Sean Decker post-Ascension review

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    Michael Rizzo

    I agree with all this^^

    Another great place to read reviews of ascension that are very much non-spoilers is the yelp page! Pretty much all the reviews on there are from members on the community, it is somewhat new so there’s only a few in there (so if you attended, write up a review for others on the fence!)


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    Also, I love this recent article quote:

    “This is not a haunted house,” [Director Darren Lynn] Bousman stresses. “This is a mirror being held up to a person. It’s an art installation. It’s a living, breathing thing that you interact with. And it will only be unlocked based on how far you’re willing to go.”

    Event Brite review of Ascension

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    Unfortunately I had to read this. All I can say is that I really want to go it!

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    That sounds pretty freaking intense!, Amazing!, Wickedly horrific!, slightly kinky lol and a definite must do at some point in time.
    The indefinite part really caught my attention.
    Oh man.
    Time to start saving pennies lol.

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    Yeah, I understand the hesitance, but for those who have been following along (maybe less than actively), and want to know how Ascension fits into the overall story, a spoilery review from people in this group is crucial. The review stated above talks about the experience of the evening, but doesn’t feed the need for knowing how the story ends…

    Anyways, I know that I am just a lurker, with minimal status, but the world is big… Then again, if it’s just a matter of waiting a few more days/weeks until this is over and then discuss, then this is fine. Just don’t forget everything before, or maybe make a big diary where everyone puts in their experience (google doc?) and can be published later. Maybe this would be a nice exercise anyways for tying the story together?

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      @letitrain I’m sure there won’t be an issue with all of us coming forward and discussing some of our experiences once Ascension has concluded. I’d be happy to discuss anything with you privately if you message me. In an experience such as Ascension, I think spoilers are extremely detrimental to it.

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      Michael Rizzo

      I agree, I think it’s safe to say once ascension is done we can talk spoilers and story about it… and I don’t believe there will be much story moved on until after ascension as I’m sure the creators have their hands full. But you can pm any of us who went through and I’m sure anyone would be happy to give you the lowdown on what happened in there @letitrain !

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    Andrew Kasch

    I really wanna start a discussion about the different things people experienced. Since I plan on going back, I wanna know what to do differently the next time around.

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      Jake O

      @kasch I’m so torn about this. On the one hand, I want to know how to unlock new things and be set on a different path. On the other hand, I don’t want to know what happens in the rooms I missed.

      So I’m still trying to avoid all spoilers even if they are things I have already experienced. Ive already had to halt some conversations, as they neared revealing something I haven’t seen yet.

      I’m going to try and rely on my approach to interacting with the characters and rooms to find a new path.

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    I’m going to try and rely on my approach to interacting with the characters and rooms to find a new path.

    @endlesspictures: This will be my approach as well when I attend for my second time. I believe this approach will be the best way for me to stay in the moment. Second guessing and planning might throw me right out of the experience, and into my own head. I figure, even if I don’t happen upon a hidden room, the only lose with Ascension is not attending in the first place. The environment and characters are so rich and interesting that even if I experienced the exact same thing down to the finest detail, I’d still leave satisfied.

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      Jake O

      I feel the same way, I would be satisfied with the same experience as well. It was such a blur for me. However, I do hope I can take myself in some new directions!

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