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    A lot has happened in the past few days and I thought it would help if a summary was made to help those who weren’t able to follow in real time.


    Thursday 11/3

    – The first successful Ascension is reported by @sadako (post #21512, and Taylor’s summary post #21518). A suit-wearing man (who we now call “The Suit”) yells at Samson, saying that “this is all your fault!” “Addison” when asked her name, gives it as Sabrina Kern, which The Suit doesn’t like. Sabrina Kern is the name of the actress who portrays “Addison.” We learn that the Latin phrase Samson uses to make “Addison” pass out is Morior Invictus (post #21528)

    @bcbishop, who also went that night, reported similar happenings, and suggests that the helmet resets Addison by taking the real woman Sabrina and putting the Addison personality in her place (post #21529). It seems more and more likely that Tom Barrow isn’t Addison/Sabrina’s real father.

    – Periscope 11/3: “Crumbling Walls” Samson plays a portion of Mike and Russell’s My Haunt Life podcast episode 21, in which they interview the creators of Tension Darren Lynn Bousman and Clint Sears. He shows us a page of a script, suggesting that the interview was scripted. @mike receives an email from Samson with a clearer shot of the script (post #21469)

    Friday, 11/4

    @hazelcloud shares some new details about BOS/OSDM involvement (post #21583).
    – A periscope titled “His Voice” is attempted, but doesn’t connect. The video is deleted, and all mention of it on facebook is removed. The attempt is judged a no-go.
    @taysavestheday posts an amazing account of his visit (post #21653). He tells us that the sequence with Samson interrogating “Addison” about who she is and what she believes (“She thinks this is real. How funny is that?”) occurred again, but this time, THIS TIME, SHE’S FIGHTING BACK. THE HELMET HAS NO EFFECT. Samson tries morior invictus, but IT FAILS. Her parting words to Samson as Taylor is dragged out of the institute are “I AM NOT YOUR FUCKING PUPPET.” Basically, Sabrina is back in control.

    Saturday, 11/5

    – A few folks picket the OOA’s doors with faces covered and signs held aloft (post #21714)
    – Periscope 11/5 “A gift for her” The periscope shows Tom Barrow, looking very worse for wear, being dragged out by what appears to be suited OSDM members. Lots of discussion ensues about what this message means. Possibilities include: showing Sabrina an example of what could be done to her real family if she doesn’t fall in line; Using Tom to reinforce the Addison personality within Sabrina; or even that this was Sabrina’s doing to quash the Addison personality once and for all.

    Sunday, 11/6

    – Lawrence, aka @lmsmedley, visits the OOA for a third time (post #21761). He reports that Tom Barrow tried to convince Sabrina/Addison that he is her father. It doesn’t work and OSDM is not happy. Discusson leads us to the tentative conclusion that “Tom” is probably an actor, not Sabrina/Addison’s real father, and that it is all a ruse to keep the Addison personality in place. One of the Sadies tells Lawrence that The Suit is Samson’s boss.
    @mike reports on his second visit to the OOA (post #21768). He encountered “Tom,” who tells him that “he [we] have no idea what’s going on” and overall being very OSDM-like.

    If I missed anything, please help fill in the blanks!

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