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    A bit more of my unfounded theories but I’ll go:

    Sadie in Addison’s journal is actually Jenna.

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    Interesting. I actually doubt this, but very interesting connection to make.
    When Jenna approached me, she really stuck to the story that her upset with the OOA was based on the Red Room encounter where she learned the older women in that room seemed to have very personal and private information about her. (Including surveillence style photos of her, apparently.) She seemed to stress that this was a relatively new encounter for her and she “wanted out” before things got any weirder. Her meeting with me was to ask if I had similar experiences of being followed or called… which I had not. It’s a little hard to connect the story she told as part of a larger cover-up theory where she was actually part of the whole mechanism. How would that correlate with Jenna’s encounters with @kasch and me? I am not sure who else met her, but I know others did.

    But, in favor of your connection, @mkarrett, Jenna’s story about how she found me and her claiming to “know” something that was said about me at that initial consultation never seemed genuine and she produced no such information… like she was hiding something from me, perhaps.

    If Sadie is Jenna then that adds a very complex layer to all of this. Hmmmm…… Would like to know what Andrew thinks of this… especially since at one point Addison asked him to help her connect to Jenna.

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    Ya it would seem weird for Addison to refer to Sadie as Jenna, considering they lived together. Bleh, should have thought this one more through.

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    The thing that sticks out is that Sadie obviously has connections with Mark, who was tied to the OOA.

    Wish we knew more about Sadie.

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    That’s an interesting theory. In that case, “Sadie” would act the role of the succubus in a way. To Addison, she provided exactly what Addy needed: a support structure and someone to rely one that would provide a link to the OOA in a way Addy would not be able to turn down.

    But for us? For the ones that “Jenna” contacted? “Jenna” wouldn’t need to provide any structure to get her targets to be unable to say no, all she would need to do is provide a mystery. Out of all the people she spoke with, none would be able to walk away from a mystery of this caliber.

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    Andrew Kasch

    When I read the journal, I thought for a second that she was referring to Jenna… but it doesn’t make sense that she was going by another name… (Unless of course, she was going deep undercover and concocted “Jenna Colyard” as an alias).

    From my POV, Jenna appeared to have come into Tension alone. She was targeted at the beginning like I was, and was told that she and I were one of the “chosen.”
    GK5 even called me demanding to know what happened to her and what she told me, stating that she was “very important to the Institute.”

    My last conversation with her was after the mixer when she called and to warn me that Addison was “in grave danger.”
    One thing I know for sure is that she is NOT BoS/Sentinel. She appears to be a loner on the run from the OOA.

    I have a hunch that Addison and her stories mirror eachother… Jenna was just the one who escaped. Hope she’s okay wherever she is.

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      I doubt that Sadie and Jenna were the same person, but think for a moment.. it’s absolutely possible that they were very similar and served the same role. Think about the differences that it would take to recruit you vs Addison. Addison wouldn’t have been interested in a mystery or danger or anything like that, she just needed a friend and a roof over her head. The OOA provided that, and that was their In.

      You didn’t need a roof over your head and weren’t desperate for friends, but from our limited interactions, I know that you would not have walked away from a mystery. And you didn’t, because here you are. Let’s look past the details for a moment and look at the overall gist of the matter: if Sadie and Jenna were both working for the OOA, they both did something that targeted their “victim”‘s needs, desires and personalities in such a way that their targets would be brought closer to the OOA

      Both Jenna and Sadie performed actions that got their targets closer to the OOA and then when their targets were hooked, they dropped off the face of the planet. I never spoke to Jenna, so perhaps I’m wrong, but I’d just ask you: How well did you really know her?

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    Iris Halliwell

    1. Does anyone remember Sadie’s last name being mentioned? I don’t. People go by their middle names all the time without notifying you. For instance, I go by many different names, and plenty of people wouldn’t know my legal name unless they asked specifically for my birth name, and I decided to reveal it. Just because you live with someone, doesn’t mean they know everything about you.
    2. Let’s say it’s not the same person. What if they’re both just recruiters for the OOA? Or were recruiters before they became uncomfortable with what they were recruiting for, or the end results within the lives of their candidates?
    Furthermore, what if they’re still recruiting under different aliases?
    OR what if Sadie never actually knew what happened to Addison? They never spoke. A note was slid under the door, but Addison never specified that it was in Sadie’s handwriting. She didn’t have a personal number for Sadie to contact at the time. What if she simply packed up her stuff and left because of what Mark said? Then perhaps Sadie came home to an empty apartment and thought her friend had bailed on her? We have no real proof that Sadie was involved with the OOA, or that she wanted Addison out. All of this is based on circumstantial evidence.

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