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    I just received a call. Private number. It was a girl. She didn’t have much time, but she needed to tell me that Samson is not with them. He told them he’s an actor, but he’s not a part of them. He’s dangerous. He’s not with…. and then she was disconnected.

    We need to be cautious of him, and figure out who he is and what his motives are.

    Any ideas?

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    No idea. But everyone who has been part of Indoctrination just grabbed their phones and made sure they’re not muted.

    It begins again?

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      Addison Born

      I am ecstatic and terrified at once.

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      Just when I thought I was going to have more free time…

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    Mustafa Said

    well, Samson seems to be tied to the OSDM. A group within the OOA. They were responsible for hunting down Addison when she stole the book of Anoch and then they captured her during the final periscope event before Ascension began….

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    If the links between him and the OSDM are true, he has more control and power than any of the OOA members seen at Ascension.

    The OSDM are a powerful branch of the OOA that ostensibly controls the data management side of the OOA but, judging from the aftermath of III’s rampage, III targeting them specifically, and the OSDM’s hand in Addison’s metamorphosis into the Overseer, it would be fair to say that Samson is something akin to “The Man pulling the strings of Ascension”.

    If anyone in the OOA were capable of either causing a freak “accident” to any of us or causing a forced metamorphosis of our own, he’d be the one to do it.

    As a final note, I’ll admit that I met the man at my second run through of Ascension. He’s fascinating. Bored, in the way that a lion in a room filled with warring ants would be bored. I should hope very much to meet him or others of his organization one day.

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    Well then, it should be quite interesting meeting him Saturday if I get the chance.

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    My only run in with him, besides him walking through a room during my first visit, was when he entered the room where I was to finish Jake’s processing. I don’t recall him being very aggressive towards either one of us. I was forced to stand and face the wall with the handler while he spoke to Jake. Then, I was removed from the room. The handler was clearly afraid of him and made sure that I followed her lead.

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      I did not get to speak to him my first time in Ascension. However, every time he entered the processing room, all of the women would stand up and face the wall until he had left the room. He definitely felt imposing and powerful. I asked around, but no one in my group knew who he was. Guess this answers that!

      Curious if I’ll meet him during my second time.

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    Michael Rizzo

    I had mentioned it in the ascension spoilers, but it seems this is better location…
    While @addisonborn and I were outside after ascension ended, a man ran up to us. The man in black with the briefcase: Samson.
    “Rizzo! Addison! You guys haven’t even begun to scratch the surface… I’ll be seeing you two a lot more from here on out.”
    And with a smile he walked away and it honestly gave us shivers.

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    Addison Born

    @rizzzoooooo and I met Samson very briefly, actually at the end of the night. We hung back from the group taking their photo, and he walked up from the inside after never seeing him all night. “Michael. Addison. You haven’t even scratched the surface. I’ll be seeing you two a lot more from here on out.”

    He seems to be the man with the answers.

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    Andrew Kasch

    Samson is definitely OSDM and holds great power over the OOA. More than you realize. I saw what he did in the Red Room.


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    Just an observation.

    Has anyone noticed that both @atticus306 and @mumumusings posts status updates are now gone? I’m on my phone so it’s hard to navigate the site from it. But, in the activity feed both of their last posts (for Max it’s his last two I believe) are now gone.

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    @halfbloodfangirl, I got banned. (Side note: it’s me, Mumu.)

    @samson….he’s just a dick who whips around authority and bans like their nothing. Like…he actually thinks he’s gonna keep me off of here.

    Fuck that. I got a better idea-I DON’T LEAVE!

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    Just saying.

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      Can we assume that as I wasn’t blocked and am still a participant here, that Samson is okay with being compared to G-Man from the Half-Life series?

      Because that is fucking amazing, and terrifying.

      Wake up and.. smell the ashes.

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      @111_error maybe he took it as a compliment XD

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    Samson may be OSDM, but I still have no clue about his loyalty to either Anoch himself or our glorious new Overseer.

    I will make it a point to investigate when I next visit the OOA…

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    One of @samson‘s primary tasks appears to be keeping tabs on @overseer. He questions us on what she’s said and done in regards to topics pertaining to her past. He has a foreign language phrase he uses to make her drop to the floor, seemingly unconscious, at will. Now he sees fit to extend control over these forums.

    You watch us, Samson, but I am also watching you.

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    Hey, my two cents:

    What about a connection to the biblical samson? The one who had super long hair and was the guardian of a temple of some sort, and got involved with a woman, ruined everything, and then ended up destroying the same temple he was supposed to protect? (wikipedia here:

  • )

    I don’t remember the whole thing, and I don’t have time to go through the page, but it could be connected no? Someone who has the strength to protect/destroy the whole kit and kaboodle?

    Just a thought. I should probably get to work… =)

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    I could see that – Samson probably being the most erotic story in the bible. Pretty much BDSM thinly veld

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