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    So after reading the letter given to @mumumusings I started digging into the business side of the OOA.

    Now we know that the OOA Institute is using The Tension Experience as a sort of front for whatever glorious intentions they may have, so that means that they would need to set it up as a business.

    As it states at the bottom of every page and in their privacy section this business is Tension, LLC.

    So I googled and found this:


    Robert Abramoff looks to be a production attorney in the greater Los Angeles area. I have yet to call him though and ask about Tension. It’s pretty standard for business to use their accountant or lawyer to set up LLC’s so it’s not surprising that they have a lawyer going over all their legal documents.

    I thought about calling Mr. Abramoff, but I didn’t particularly know what question I should ask.

    Then again… I may have just pissed off the OOA with this sort of digging and am doomed even more so.

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    I might be wrong, but I feel like this is out of game and we might not want to start contacting the real life lawyer / contact. Tension definitely blurs the lines a lot, and I absolutely understand the curiosity, but this feels very edge-of-curtain-ish to me.

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      I agree, I debated about posting it or not, but I figured all information is good info for us.

      Might open the door about researching some more of the business aspects of TENSION, as that letter implied.

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      Jake O

      defintely edge of curtain, but I agree with buz. At this point, everything is fair game. And the llc info is on all of their correspondence, so anyone can dig in that direction if they choose.

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    Agreed! thanks for taking the initiative to share, regardless of hesitation.

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