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    Now that Ascension is over, so many of us have so much still to wonder about and to figure out. I’m curious… what is each of your biggest leftover questions left over after Ascension’s end?

    Because there are so many, I hope that we can limit our answers to one question per person, so that we can see only the ones that people are most curious and wondering about.

    Mine is: Just who the hell was Light2Dark and what was his deal?

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    Hazel Cloud

    Where is Horace?

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    Andrew Kasch

    What the blue hell happened to Jenna? Was she really an OOA plant or is she still out there?

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    What is the true story of Aleister Gordon? Was Aleister just another actor hired via audition to play a part? Was he someone with OSDM (unlikely(?) but anything is possible I suppose)? Is he still lurking around using an alias?

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    Addison Born

    One question that I’m afraid of hearing the answer to – How many puzzles or clues or storylines did we miss, and how close were we to finding them?

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    What major plot line(s) feel through because of our inaction/we collectively went in the wrong direction?

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    Sorry @thegilded , I have two questions!

    Who was/is Suit Guy?

    What was there to be “unlocked” within Ascension?

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    I heard there was free ice cream. What happened to the free ice cream?

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    I never figured out the hangman puzzle in the classroom… it was like one of those moments where you think “I should really be able to do this right now, but I have jello in my head.” Does anyone remember what it said?

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      @prufrock5150 Ours said PRESS PLAY and started the video visual exam

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    The biggest thing that bugged me: on the shelf by the hangman puzzle in Reception there was an anatomical diagram with an orange ticket in the sleeve facing the wall. It had the number “4” on it. Was never sure if that ticket would unlock anything.

    This is the crazy thing about Tension! It was probably nothing, but even now I’m like, “What if…?”

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 7 months ago by Profile photo of druzicka druzicka.

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