• Kimberly @ElectricHippo posted an update 7 years, 5 months ago

    @gatekeeper3 Your apostles doubt your ultimate power and treat you with disrespect, and you do nothing. Why is this?

    • Why do you continue to poke the sleeping bear?

    • First above… then below

      • If you destroy all above you and then below you, there will be no one left but you. Sounds awfully lonely @gatekeeper3

      • Your impotence is laughable. Tired of your games.

        Four, if you’re reading this, I’m with you.

      • “As above, so below.” You who will not bow down to your superiors, you who harbor no remorse nor respect, you who are the center of what is above and what is below, what has come before and what will come after, will find that the quote is “As above, so below.” What you found lacking in your peers you will find reflected in your charges. We are not impressed with your hubris, we are not swayed by your tyrannical, egotistical methods. We and they were present when you appeared and we will all witness your exit. You are powerful and you have dealt damage but you are not infinite and we are many. You have demonstrated the many follies along the _path and maybe that is your lesson for us, but it will end and so will you.


    • That is what he is basically saying. First above, then below. I think that will end up including us. I’m not afraid of III though. He can’t touch us, we are too strong together.

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