• Melissa posted an update 6 years, 8 months ago

    III Face-to-Face Meet Plot twist: the person who you meet face-to-face is ~four and/or Addison. All she does is slap you dead in the face for being a fucking traitor to her Cause. Unless youโ€™re Jake.

    • Either way…I’m in!

    • Why is Jake exempt from the slapping?

      • Because imho Jake has been the only standout semi pro III. All others have been basically “f*ck III” but then “no III, pick me for the interview, pick meeeee”. If I was in ~four’s spot I’d be kinda salty about the sudden turn* and want to slap each and every one who have been supposedly pro-four but suddenly eager to meet III.

        *OBVIOUSLY I have no idea what is everybody’s rationale of actually meeting III despite being advocates for ~four. God I hope this makes sense. Yes, I know that just because you want to meet III doesn’t equate to being on his side.

    • I would like me to meet III just to shake his hand! he has been nothing but an inspiration to me on my _path towards enlightenment

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