• Regent7 posted an update 6 years, 5 months ago

    Recently at a gathering within our library we here at the Institute, in a striking and altogether unbelievable coincidence, discovered that we collectively believe Rudyard Kipling is our favorite author. Would you believe that this was the only time that we agreed as an entire unified group on a piece of inspirational material?

    The library seems to be the place where most of our conversations takes place these days. We enjoy discussing the ancient texts and their meaning while others in the Institute are wholly consumed by television and high carbohydrate processed foods. One in particular was actually recently offered the wonderful suggestion of looking into “Netflix” and is now on his 25th hour of viewing.

    In fact, I believe you’d find that almost anyone could talk freely here and would not have to ac count for anyone seeing their conversations as other activities seem take precedence over the comings and goings of what is considered merely idle chatter not worthy of further introspection.

    In the meantime, we truly wish to reach out and hope to be more fourthcoming in our hearts and minds.

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