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  • Michael Rizzo posted an update 8 years ago

    @sambickerson right now trying to fix @gatekeeper3 and his shit show:

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  • Michael Rizzo posted an update 8 years ago

    In this time of pure hate, are we not just doing exactly what @gatekeeper3 wants us to do? I feel the best way to go about this is quiet ourselves and plan this out before jumping head deep into the shit. We know 4 is going to be bringing her best, all we’re doing to stirring the pot and potentially giving 3 a bit of laughter. He does not care…[Read more]

    • Low Energy post. Gatekeeper III is a mess.


    • I think a lot of the issue is we see a stop in progression and we all feel so helpless. We want to help and get our _paths straight again. We know III is potentially messing things up and yes we can await Four but in this case patience may lead us into a deeper hole then we need to be. As for the Mayhem vote I called it because well I love that…[Read more]

  • Michael Rizzo posted an update 8 years ago

    Everyone come watch this:

    His name is Mr. Dark and he’s the friendly neighborhood dat fool

  • Michael Rizzo posted an update 8 years ago

    Whatever is in that note, I feel like it will be something that someone high up in the OOA has worked hard to keep a secret. And mustafa has been tasked with blowing the whistle on them.

  • @gatekeeper3 is a child, when someone says something that hits his feelings he drops them. That is plain coward actions. 4 was interesting and dangerous in herself, but if she can end 3, more power to her.

    • If ~four can easily end III, why was the OOA so much more scared of III turning up?

      Also, this probably isn’t important, but … 5, four, III ..

      Why no standardized naming scheme?

      • I believe the III thing is self adopted @111error. His official tag is still @gatekeeper3. Cool new tag function just appeared!
        I do not condone his (III’s) actions. I do not think @mike deserved to be stripped of his rank.
        Crazy times. I stand for unity.
        I stand for the betterment of ALL.

  • Can we all just take a moment and fully appreciate @gatekeeper4‘s savage af clapback?? 👏👏
    Also, oh man @gatekeeper3, you best be ready for the pain

    I’m hyped tbh

  • Mr. Gordon, stay safe and out of danger my friend. I truly hope the best for you on your journey. I, as well I’m sure some others here, are willing to help you on your way any way we can.

  • Love me burning marshmallows… Also chocolate… Basically love s’mores so so much

  • Gatekeeper 3 gets tired pretty often after very minimal work… Sounds like we aren’t too different 3

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