• Michael Rizzo posted an update 7 years, 5 months ago

    @gatekeeper3 is a child, when someone says something that hits his feelings he drops them. That is plain coward actions. 4 was interesting and dangerous in herself, but if she can end 3, more power to her.

    • If ~four can easily end III, why was the OOA so much more scared of III turning up?

      Also, this probably isn’t important, but … 5, four, III ..

      Why no standardized naming scheme?

      • I believe the III thing is self adopted @111error. His official tag is still @gatekeeper3. Cool new tag function just appeared!
        I do not condone his (III’s) actions. I do not think @mike deserved to be stripped of his rank.
        Crazy times. I stand for unity.
        I stand for the betterment of ALL.

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