• Cody posted an update 7 years, 7 months ago

    A Toxic atmosphere cooked me on the 23rd at work. In a vessel that was deemed safe by both the on site safety personel and the oil company personel as well. Instead of helping me they were asking me to do more work. In an altered state, I agreed. with a buzz and with skin as red as an apple you would think they would have been offering medical assistance. Luckily I was still able to realize danger and demanded the tank be retested. They argued with me even though it was part of protocol and procedure of all of the involved companies. I refused to do the work until they did readings on the tank they wanted my helper to clean. I was ready to leave if they didn’t do as insisted.. they reluctantly obliged. I saved my helper from almost being exposed as well. Over 4× the ceiling limits for exposure. Still no aid. They were even downplaying when I was expressing concerns about the state I was in after they just about potentially killed my helper. So I went home and researched the chemicals I was exposed to and went the back to work the next day still suffering from symptoms and a cloudy head. They wanted to continue the job scope and we were demanding that protocol be adhered to. They denied readings and ultimately skidded me for raising concerns. Other crews from my work were exposed to the same things as well. And while they were admitting it at the time now they are officially saying everything was fine. My work was scared to loose the contract and was only half way supporting me.
    I quit my job.
    I called OH&S (similar to the US version OSHA) and reported the incident. They gave the oil company 24hrs notice before going to investigate. Everyone is denying foul play. I texted my coworkers and they said they were just trying to keep their jobs and have families to feed. I’m now pursuing this matter with only my helper at my side and everyone else denying any foul play.
    There’s a reality check.
    So once again the truth be hidden. People denying truth for the fear they have.
    Even at the expense of their own safety.
    An industry full of hillbillies.
    I’m going public.

    • Wow. Glad to hear you’re safe, but what a shitty situation. Sending positive vibes bud.

    • Jeebus Cody. . . Sending your healing prayers and black juju to those selfish garbage people who endangered you.

    • Thanks guys. I have an interesting road to hoe on this one. My bro is offering to publish an article about the events and is referring me to more journalists that would like to cover the situation.
      I’m dealing with workers comp and I think they are going to help. Tomorrow is lawyer day.
      Freaking goons breaking laws and endangering lives to save money.

    • This is what I got nuked with . to bad I’m done having kids. I could a gave birth to some X-Men. MUNTANT BABIES! lol.

      • Wow man, that sucks. The oil companies are definitely not anyone’s friend. I met my best friend from high school when his family moved to Illinois essentially to hide out…from the oil companies. They use to live in Texas city Texas and their dad worked for an oil company. All of them ended up sick. His mother was an activist. They started getting death threats, bricks through the window, all those things. Had to get out of town because they started making it known how the oil company was poisoning them, the water, the whole town

    • So sorry you’re having to deal with that. Hopefully you are ok, with no long term issues!

    • Catching up with forum stuff. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, feel better and I second Susie, curse those careless bastards!

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