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    The hurricane has passed and I still have my house… Yay me!

  • DimStyle posted an update 6 years ago

    I already posted this but not sure if it was in the right area soooo…I will just leave this here

    Like @chicar and after much contemplation I too have decided to take a side. It was not a decision taken lightly.
    A few things stand out to me and keep coming back to my thoughts…
    Regent 7 said “He called himself a destroyer, but lived the life of…[Read more]

    • A wise choice.

    • So you’re choosing darkness?

      • No, II will be the light.@gatekeeper3 Gatekepers III -V are not the answer. Distractions. Shadows.
        If Addison is in fact II and still in an altered state “Her slumber maybe restless but she still does sleep and so, bask in the forthcoming knowledge as this is truly a step forward for ALL.” Then MAYBE that one word will wake her.

        “Band tog…[Read more]

        • But you realize when she woke up, she murdered someone? Not sure how that equates to light and hope…

          Also, not sure if regent7 is a trustworthy source of information as he/she is much lower down the totem pole in the OOA hierarchy.

          • I don’t think Addison is truly awake… Yet

            • Well if she’s slitting throats in her sleep, I hate to see what she does when she wakes up!

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