• So I was thinking today about last Sunday’s experience. So many small details that I have been rolling around in my head. I’m not sure if they mean anything or if they’re just weird mumbo jumbo that was meant to compliment the strange scene.
    1. I did not have this interaction with the old man in the yellow suit, but a few people did who I spoke…[Read more]

  • ok, wasn’t expecting that one. props to you, I’m listening

  • Ha. Why is private messenger not working?

  • ok, I am so excited about this whole thing. However, maybe not so much getting calls at 1:35 in the morning! I could live without those. Didn’t sound the same as my first call, this one actually pissed me off / scared me a little.

  • I JUST GOT A CALL!!! Creepy voice “welcome to our world, are you ready to being your journey!” then gave me a date and time to be available. Oh my jesus, what have I signed up for! Actually don’t answer that, I’ve read the 6000000 posts, and am pretty sure I am about to star in a snuff film!

    • Congratulations! Glad to know calls are still going out, it’s been a little quiet.

    • Can you verify details about the call itself (voice, tone, time you were called, etc) or about the event? When were you invited? Were any other details given?

      • He sounded like a computer voice, but then answered direct questions I asked. All they really said was can you attend an event on the 29th? You must come alone. He did ask about few of my questions on my questionnaire I filled out. Mainly about my belief in the supernatural. (or lack there of).

    • Congrats!! Glory Be!

  • I love that there is so much drama on these forums. It’s like a soap opera!

    • You really think so? I have never viewed it this way. I mostly only see evidence presentation and theorizing.

      • I have been playing catch up read like a BILLON posts in two days, for me, yeah, it got dramatic at times. I’m sure if I was witnessing it in real time it wouldn’t but doing a cram session, I found it to be like a david lynch narrative (in the next way)

  • What does it take to get picked for one of these events?

  • Wow, look what I can do @mkarrett, @mike

  • Can someone tell me how to directly respond to somebody? Is it like twitter with an @? Ok, start the blond jokes

    • No blond jokes, please.

      And yes if you want to respond to someone simply start with @ followed by their handle name (not to be confused with the “friendly display name” on profiles) . For example, my display name is Melissa Kramer-Sarrett (I should change that, way too long) but my handle is mkarrett. So, to tag me just put @mkarrett and…[Read more]

    • Exactly, although it’s not their public facing name, it’s the name you see if you hover over it. For example, Melissa Kramer-Sarrett responded to your thread, but her actual username is @mkarrett and you can see that when you hover over the “Melissa Kramer-Sarrett”. Hope that makes sense :)

  • ok, just spent 3 hours reading every damn post on here. NOW WHAT?!

    • Good morning @vincentvega!

      Welcome! So looks like you’re fairly new so lemme ask you a few things:

      1.) have you done the questionnaire?
      2.) have you spotted a few….puzzles perhaps?

      • Hi, um,
        1. That questionnaire terrifies the shit out of me, so no.
        2. Isn’t this entire f’ing website one big puzzle? Jesus, navigating the forums in and of themselves one needs to be a rocket scientist .

        • I respect your opinion about the questionnaire but I’ll just use myself as an example here; I didn’t necessarily disclose everything there is to know about me. While I’m not a game runner I encourage you to give the questionnaire a shot because it is used to help the OOA Institute create specific, individual experiences. And obviously if you’re…[Read more]

    • I found the Reddit helpful too

  • Okaaaaay… Little overwhelmed

    • Welcome! Why so overwhelmed? That’s an interesting handle. Very similar to one used by somebody close to me. Welcome to tension Vince.

    • There is so fucking much! I mean, this is dense.

      • There is a lot to take in. There are lots of resources to get caught up. Have you see THIS link that Tension has posted? It’s 4 articles that tell about experiences and what’s happened so far. It’s a good starting point.

      • I understand but dont give up! I suggest reading the timeline on the reddit and listening to the MyHauntLife podcasts. And of course spread the word so you advance as an aspirant.

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