• VincentVega posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    ok, just spent 3 hours reading every damn post on here. NOW WHAT?!

    • Good morning @vincentvega!

      Welcome! So looks like you’re fairly new so lemme ask you a few things:

      1.) have you done the questionnaire?
      2.) have you spotted a few….puzzles perhaps?

      • Hi, um,
        1. That questionnaire terrifies the shit out of me, so no.
        2. Isn’t this entire f’ing website one big puzzle? Jesus, navigating the forums in and of themselves one needs to be a rocket scientist .

        • I respect your opinion about the questionnaire but I’ll just use myself as an example here; I didn’t necessarily disclose everything there is to know about me. While I’m not a game runner I encourage you to give the questionnaire a shot because it is used to help the OOA Institute create specific, individual experiences. And obviously if you’re not comfortable answer some portions of the questionnaire, don’t answer.

          So, parts of the site are puzzles….maybe we can pm so I can kinda tease out what you have/haven’t tackled and not give out spoilers here.

          Feel free to message me if you’re up for it.

    • I found the Reddit helpful too

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