• VincentVega posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    Can someone tell me how to directly respond to somebody? Is it like twitter with an @? Ok, start the blond jokes

    • No blond jokes, please.

      And yes if you want to respond to someone simply start with @ followed by their handle name (not to be confused with the “friendly display name” on profiles) . For example, my display name is Melissa Kramer-Sarrett (I should change that, way too long) but my handle is mkarrett. So, to tag me just put @mkarrett and there you go. Make sense @vincentvega?

    • Exactly, although it’s not their public facing name, it’s the name you see if you hover over it. For example, Melissa Kramer-Sarrett responded to your thread, but her actual username is @mkarrett and you can see that when you hover over the “Melissa Kramer-Sarrett”. Hope that makes sense :)

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