• VincentVega posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    I JUST GOT A CALL!!! Creepy voice “welcome to our world, are you ready to being your journey!” then gave me a date and time to be available. Oh my jesus, what have I signed up for! Actually don’t answer that, I’ve read the 6000000 posts, and am pretty sure I am about to star in a snuff film!

    • Congratulations! Glad to know calls are still going out, it’s been a little quiet.

    • Can you verify details about the call itself (voice, tone, time you were called, etc) or about the event? When were you invited? Were any other details given?

      • He sounded like a computer voice, but then answered direct questions I asked. All they really said was can you attend an event on the 29th? You must come alone. He did ask about few of my questions on my questionnaire I filled out. Mainly about my belief in the supernatural. (or lack there of).

    • Congrats!! Glory Be!

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