Addison Called Me 7/26/16

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    The no caller ID came up while I was at work and I answered.

    This is a rough transcription of the brief conversation:

    “Hello Buz… you and I have never really talked huh?”
    “I hope you don’t think ill of me for what I did.”
    “… It was rather shocking, not going to lie.”
    “I see your allegiances have changed… that’s too bad. Do you still feel that way?”
    “I’ve thought about it long enough and I have to follow my gut. I’m hoping you can still be saved as well.”
    “That’s too bad, Buz.”

    So… there’s that. She sounded rather… cheeky? I don’t know. Wasn’t scared… wasn’t trying to be scary… Sounded confident and like she knew a really funny juicy secret she wasn’t letting on.

    There you go.

    P.S. Only after I hung up did I remember the “Carlos” word. stupid me.

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    Interesting that she asked me to follow her, but seems happy to let you walk. Maybe tiger rugs aren’t to her taste.

    And, yeah, Addison sounding cheeky and happy is nice to hear, but probably also pretty concerning for some people..

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      I disagree @111error I think Addi wants that tiger rug on her side. So maybe it’s nice to know she’s thinking about ya @thebuz?

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      Perhaps she is a tremendous Burt Reynolds fan?

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    @thebuz you have to wonder what she knows. strange bit of circumstances over passed few days.

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